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The DMG is a light machine gun in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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TypeLight Machine Gun
Likely based onHeckler & Koch HK21
RangeLow - medium
AccuracyLow (Very High when ADS)
MobilityLow (Immobile when ADS)
Starting ammo4 magazines
Fire modeAutomatic

The DMG is the Tier 6 short-barrel rifle of the Sapper class. It is a light machine gun featuring moderate damage and rate of fire, and a large clip size coupled with a very large ammo reserve. However, the weapon features high recoil and poor accuracy beyond mid-range when hip firing; it also cannot equip attachments other than larger magazines or a camo, lacking the ability to equip grips, scopes, muzzle attachments, and trinkets.

Unlike other LMGs, when the player enters aim mode, the weapon deploys its bipod, which greatly increases its accuracy even at long ranges. However, when aiming with the bipod deployed, the player is unable to move, and can only rotate within approx. a 160 degree viewpoint, which makes the player a sitting target and vulnerable to flanking attacks; mounting/unmounting the weapon also takes about two seconds, which further increases vulnerability.

In practice, aiming with the weapon is often very impractical and risky to use - except possibly in situations where the player's blind sides are covered by teammates, or where the player has the luxury of waiting for enemies to come into their viewpoint. It's also worth noting that as with turrets, the weapon must be in a valid deployment location to deploy its bipod.

Overall, the DMG is an unusual and somewhat niche weapon. In practice, it tends to be much less effective at longer ranges than LMGS such as the Shred-4 due to the akwardness of its stationary aim mode, and will therefore generally be limited to close-mid range combat. The low mobility and inability of the Sapper class to switch to a sidearm is also a significant drawback.

  • Decent damage even against armored opponents
  • Modest rate of fire
  • Very large magazine size
  • Huge ammo reserve (~900 rounds total)
  • Excellent accuracy when mounted
  • Able to reload while mounted
  • Cannot equip grips or attachments other than larger magazines or a camo
  • Low accuracy when hip-firing
  • High recoil
  • Low mobility
  • Mounting/unmounting the bipod takes 2 seconds
  • Unable to move and limited peripheral visibility when mounted

Trivia Edit

  • The DMG is the only weapon in the Modern Combat series that has a usable bipod.
  • Oddly, if the player uses the golden DMG and deploys its bipod, the colour will revert to its standard version. This is more likely a visual glitch, since the golden weapons are a retextured version of the standard counterpart.

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