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The Defiler is a pump action shotgun that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Defiler   N4010   Roar 3000    
Likely based onKel-Tec KSG
Damage40-10 damage per pellet, 6 pellets
240-60 damage total
Rate of fire60 RPM
Range40m max
AccuracyMedium (Highest of all shotguns)
Magazine size14 rounds
Starting ammo14/60
Max. ammo108 rounds total
Reloading8 seconds
Fire modePump-action
UnlockedRank 7
CostMC3 Credit6000


The Defiler is extremely rare in the campaign, and can only be seen in the mission Blood Sand with no attachments. The Defiler is an extremely powerful tool in the campaign, having an extremely large tube size for a shotgun and high one-shot potential, making it arguably the best shotgun for use in the single-player.


Unlocked at rank 7, the Defiler is the first shotgun unlocked in Modern Combat 3, and has a large 14 round magazine; tall iron sights, and very high damage. As with all shotguns, optics aren't really necessary, and with only one attachment perk for secondary weapons, the FMJ rounds perk is the only logical choice, ensuring one-hit kills. With FMJ, the Defiler is capable of one-shot kills at close range, with one shot mid-range kills possible with a head shot. Its 14 round magazine is larger than any other shotguns, meaning it is very unlikely to run out of ammo during a gunfight, and also negating the need for the extended magazine attachment. However, the Defiler's magazine takes 8 seconds for a dry reload, although players can interrupt this process by firing or sprinting. It is best to keep the tube magazine topped up after every kill, as this process will prevent the player suffering from a lethargic reload after all shells are expended.

As shotguns have a very short effective range, players are better off using this weapon in areas of the map suited for close-quarters combat, although this shotgun can be very effective as a primary on small maps, such as Recon or Divide.

  • Highest damage of all shotguns
  • Early unlock level
  • Good mobility and handling
  • Decent range compared to the Roar 3000
  • 14 round shell capacity
  • Long reload
  • Short effective range
  • Lowest rate of fire of all shotguns

Optional attachmentsEdit


  • The Defiler has the second highest magazine capacity of all shotguns in the Modern Combat series, beaten only by the Maelstrom in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.
  • The Defiler is the first bullpup shotgun in the series.
  • The Defiler is the only non-(semi)automatic weapon in Fallen Nation which can be fired simultaneously by holding the [fire] button.
  • Like the Intercept-L200, the Defiler can be fired rapidly by firing and scoping/unscoping, which cancels the pump action, and firing again.
  • This gun fires half as slow as the N4010 and 1/4 of the Roar 3000.
  • When reloading the Defiler, the words "Patents Pending" can be seen to the bottom right.
  • This weapon is the predecessor of the SMASS-410 in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.


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