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Demolition is a specialisation in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.  

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This specialization is designed for explosive kills. It was a newly introduced specialisation in the Meltdown Update.

"It is zero dark thirty; the ground is shaking as my heart is pumping out the last of the courage left in me. The enemy tanks are almost at our door step. We ain't ready for this... But, when I think I have taken my last breath, I see those green eyes approaching the tanks, and then the fireworks start...

...No armor can stand before them."

Experts in the use of explosives, these tough soldiers are capable of stopping an armored tank by themselves. This is an excellent specialization for players who like to lure their enemies into traps. It is also a great specialization to use in Destruction mode. Get +50 XP and credits for performing kills with explosives and grenades.
Rank 10 Selection Skills
MC4-Resistance Resistance: Receive less explosive damage.
MC4-Dedication Dedication: Deaths from explosives don't reset your streak for getting military support.
Rank 20 Selection Skills
MC4-Grenade Belt Grenade Belt: Carry two grenades instead of just one.
MC4-Ammo Pack Ammo Pack: Carry 50% more ammo for launchers.
Rank 30 Selection Skills
MC4-Proximity Mine Proximity Mine: Deploys an armed mine that explodes when an enemy walks nearby. Can be destroyed.
MC4-Incendiary Device Incendiary Device: Deploys a device that ignites a fire when triggered, causing damage over time. Can be destroyed.
Rank 40 Selection Skills
MC4-Paragon Destroyer Paragon Destroyer: Makes you cause more damage to enemy devices, causing them to explode and potentially harm nearby players. 
MC4-Explosives Expert Explosives Expert: Increases the damage of explosions (grenades, military support, explosives).

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