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Diamond Dust is a form of in-game currency in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. Along with Credits and Gear Tokens, it is one of the three primary in-game currencies.



Diamond Dust can be used to purchase items from the Black Market and is also used for purchasing Boosters for Boosted Events. And, along with Gear Tokens, it can also be used to purchase blueprints for specific weapons which the player has not yet unlocked (with a limit of 1 blueprint purchase every 5 days). Purchasing blueprints is done by selecting the weapon in a loadout in the player's armory.

Diamond Dust can be acquired as rewards for completing matches. Players also earn Diamond Dust when they receive duplicates of items or blueprints they've already unlocked from end-of-match rewards or from Supply Packs. (e.x. Earning a KR-200 blueprint from a Weapon Pack if the player already owns the KR-200 results in the blueprint being converted into Diamond Dust instead).

In addition, when playing as the Bounty Hunter class, the player earns a Diamond Dust "bounty" for each kill as well as for picking up dropped weapons. The Diamond Dust can either be used during the match to purchase Military Support, or saved until the end of the match to be added to the player's Diamond Dust depository in Armory.

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