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| 1:Value = Dobrynya Popovich

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| 2:Value = Popovich.png
| 2:Label = Popovich in Martyrdom, a few seconds before his death.

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| 3:Label = Appearances
| 3:Value = Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

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| 4:Label = Status
| 4:Value = KIA

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| 5:Label = Call sign
| 5:Value = 

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| 6:Label = Rank
| 6:Value = General

| 7:Type = Line

| 7:Label = Position
| 7:Value = Leader of the KPR

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| 8:Label = Affiliations
| 8:Value = KPR Alliance

| 9:Type = Line

| 9:Label = Gender
| 9:Value = ♂ Male

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| 10:Value = 

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| 11:Label = Death
| 11:Value = Martyrdom

| 12:Type = Line

| 12:Label = Killed by
| 12:Value = James Walker

| 13:Type = Line

| 13:Label = Voice actor
| 13:Value = Adam Harrington (MC2)

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| 14:Label = Actor
| 14:Value = 

}} Dobrynya Popovich (Russian: Добрыня Попович) was the leader of the KPR Alliance and the former leader of Abu Bahaa's terrorist organization in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. He is one of the antagonists in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus[edit | edit source]

He was a General in Modern Combat 2 and he was a supporting character. Captain Turner ordered Private Downs and Private Newmen to hunt down Popovich to bring him to custody. While chasing him, he used a submarine to escape the battlefield and soon after Newmen shot a few rockets at the submarine preventing Popovich to escape soon the submarine was disabled.

Newman was soon told by Captain Turner to put C4 on the submarine and blow it. Soon Popovich came out of the sunken submarine and pretending that he surrendered, while Downs was telling Turner that mission has been accomplished, Popovich called reinforcements. Mustang Squad 2-3 was captured and taken to South America meeting Pablo again.

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation[edit | edit source]

General Popovich was the main antagonist in Fallen Nation. He was the one who allied with North Korea and Pakistan, creating the KPR Alliance, allying with Tong and Edward Page, a former US Army Ranger.

Façade[edit | edit source]

> Main article: 12: Façade.

After Phantom Unit infiltrates Kijang and witnesses one of the missiles take off, Popovich appears out of nowhere. He knocks James Walker unconscious with the butt of his Vulture.

Martyrdom[edit | edit source]

> Main article: 13: Martyrdom.
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Popovich ordered to launch a nuclear strike on Seattle but he was soon stopped by Walker and Downs after they broke out of the prison cells in the facility where the nuke was launching. During their final battle, the ICBM exploded, killing all of Popovich's soldiers. As Walker returned to consciousness, he found that Popovich was beating up Downs, though Walker soon pulled a knife in an attempt to stab Popovich, but then Popovich countered the strike, and removed the knife from Walker's hand. Walker soon pushed Popovich through a sharp pipe, impaling him, and with a final stand, he pulled out his Vulture, but Walker grabbed the knife and stabbed Popovich in the neck, killing him.

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