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AppearancesModern Combat: Sandstorm
Gender♂ Male
Killed byJones
Voice actorMark E. Rossman

Dozer was an allied soldier who appeared in Modern Combat: Sandstorm.


Great to see you back, Chief, and almost in fighting shape!
—Greeting the player.

Dozer is portrayed as loud-mouthed and wise-cracking outside of combat, though he appears to be more level-headed when fighting begins, as evident from his attitude when dealing with Jones on the radio during missions.

Modern Combat: SandstormEdit

Don't worry, Chief, I got ya.
—Dozer, while pulling the player to safety.

Dozer is a part of the player's squad, and as such crosses paths with the player quite often. Dozer is first seen in the level Back in Business, standing next to Jones, holding his trademark M249. The player is paired up with him multiple times, notably in Subterranean Blackout, where he assists the player in the hunt to capture Abu Bahaa. Dozer was heard voicing his suspicions over the radio about the enemy's level of preparation multiple times, claiming the squad may have been betrayed.

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Booyah, Bahaa! Didn't see that one coming, did ya, buddy?
—Dozer while moving in to capture Abu Bahaa.
After chasing down Abu Bahaa in a Humvee with the rest of the squad, Dozer moves in to capture him, but is betrayed and killed by Jones, who shoots him with his MP5.


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  • Dozer is one of the selectable character models available for online play.
  • Oddly, Dozer is always seen in regular gameplay using a MN106, rather than his M249.
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