The Dread Eye is a Prestige sniper rifle of the Sniper class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in Update XII.

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The Dread Eye fires tracer rounds coated in special polymers, allowing them to ricochet off of solid objects, if the user is patient enough to wait through a complete charging.
Dread Eye
Dread Eye
TypeSniper Rifle
DamageVery High (default); Extremely High (when fully charged); High (when hip-firing)
Rate of fireModerate
RangeVery High
AccuracyVery High (charged shots have "travel-time" and do not instantly hit target within crosshairs after firing)
Fire modeSemi-automatic
TierT8 Prestige
MC5-Dread Eye-hud

The Dread Eye is a rather unique semi-automatic sniper rifle with a "charging" mechanism. The weapon features a solid rate of fire and very high damage for a semi-automatic sniper rifle, capable of killing most opponents in a single shot to the torso when ADS.

When the player is ADS, the weapon will begin to charge up - when fully charged, the Dread Eye's bullets will ricochet off of solid objects 2 time-per-shot; this makes for an effective technique for firing around corners or into cramped areas where the bullet has a good chance of ricocheting and hitting a target out of one's line of sight. However, charged shots travel slower than normal bullets (an effect similar that of weapons such as the ERG 10 and SPEC-38A). The charging time will also determine the damage of a bullet, as when rapid firing, the target can still usually survive a shot to the limbs. Ricocheting or charged bullets have the highest and most massive damage.

Hipfire only deducts 90 points of health, meaning 2 shots while hipfiring is required to kill an opponent. Quickscoping can be an effective way of ensuring one-shot kills in close range combat. Charged shots have the ability to pierce through enemies, with the ability to kill two birds with one stone. Each shot almost guarantees a one shot kill. The shots are quick there is almost no delay in the projectiles, so this should not be a worry.

  • Very high damage
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • High range
  • Solid hip fire
  • Special ricochet mechanic
  • Bullet damage increases proportionally to the weapon's charge
  • Fully charged shots can penetrate multiple targets
  • Inability to equip muzzle attachments or scopes other than the default
  • Low scope zoom (approximately 3.5X)
  • Fairly low rate of fire
  • Fairly strong recoil
  • Lower damage while hip-firing
  • Charged shots travel slower than ordinary bullets
  • Lower-than-average mobility


  • Originally the Dread Eye's charged shots would ricochet off of objects 3 times per shot, however this was reduced to 1 time per shot in a subsequent update due to concerns of it being overpowered.

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