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> For the mission in Modern Combat 5, see 28: Saunders.
The first skirmish went to the enemy, but the war is about to begin. And they will soon know the true meaning of terror.
—Saunders' last words during the epilogue of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout

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CEO of Gilman Security (MC5)

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Saunders Global Security
Gilman Security
World Liberation Army

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}} Everett Saunders is the leader of a private military company, Saunders Global Security, in Modern Combat 4, and the CEO of Gilman Security in MC5. He is first seen as a supporting antagonist in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, only to reveal himself as the true mastermind behind Page's Insurrection. He becomes the main antagonist in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.


Not much is known about Saunders's past. He has a daughter named Amy. It is known that he used to be in the Special Forces, serving in the same unit as Edward Page, and afterwards established his own private military company, Saunders Global Security (SGS).

In Unified Terror, Page mentions that "I saw you kill people. But your family has castrated you," indicating that his family deprived his power.

Saunders has decent combat skills. He successfully decks both Joel Blake and James Walker in Terminus.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour[]

Saunders runs SGS and helped Edward Page to abduct the President of the United States of AmericaBurke. He supported Page's Unified Citizens group with SGS troops.

Saunders appears in several missions, such as Unified TerrorCritical Path and Terminus.

Unified Terror[]

> Main article: 02: Unified Terror.

Saunders makes his first appearance in Unified Terror, and along with Edward Page, infiltrates the WCIB (War Crimes Investigation Bureau) building in Seattle. They plant the bomb on the mainframe and are extracted via helicopter just before the bombs detonate.


> Main article: 06: Manhunt.

After the President was abducted in the previous mission, Knight assumes Saunders to be Page's partner, and that he was located in Barcelona. Phantom Unit gets into Barcelona, and after run-ins with SGS soldiers, Blake reaches Saunders's position.

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Saunders knocks Blake unconscious, but a persistent Blake chases Saunders through the streets of Barcelona. Saunders was thrown off a balcony by Blake in Terminus and was assumed to be dead. However, in an epilogue at the end of the final mission of the campaign he revealed that he faked his death and was using Page all along as a scapegoat.


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Modern Combat 5: Blackout[]

Little is known of Bancroft's journey to the top of the world's biggest security firm. Some assume that he has powerful political connections, while others guess that his success was due to a combination of skill and sacrifice.

Everett Saunders, under the alias of Kirk Bancroft, is now the CEO of Gilman Security. Known for his reclusive nature, he has a permanent team of advisers and confidants around him -- referred to throughout the company as the Gilman Circle.

The Storm[]

Saunders is first mentioned by Roux. She states that she has a strong relationship with someone called Kirk Bancroft.


Later, Roux plays a record of a call between Saunders and Jonathan Taylor (Bull) in which it is revealed that Saunders and Gilman Security masterminded the WLA attacks in Venice and Tokyo, and that Taylor was on Saunder's payroll. Taylor asks for his money and arranges a meeting with Saunders on a construction site in Tokyo. Roux sends Phoenix to spy on the meeting, where Saunders directs Taylor to orchestrate another terrorist attack in Tokyo and link it to the WLA; after Saunders leaves, Roux orders Phoenix to assassinate Taylor.


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In the final mission of the campaign, Phoenix and Tukura are sent by Roux to infiltrate Gilman HQ in Tokyo and steal data proving Saunders' involvement in the WLA attacks. After acquiring the data, the duo head to the roof for chopper extraction - where Saunders contacts Phoenix by radio and threatens' Phoenix's daughter Lily, and attacks the duo in his attack helicopter.

After Phoenix and Tukura clear the roof, Golden Sky arrives and fires air-to-air missiles at Saunders' chopper, temporarily chasing it away, and prepares to extract Phoenix and Tukura at a helipad. However Saunders' chopper returns and shoots down Golden Sky, causing the chopper to crash into the helipad and killing the pilot. As Saunders passes for another shot, Phoenix shoots his Hawk-13 at Saunders' cockpit, causing Saunders' helicopter to crash onto the helipad and burst into flames.

Saunders climbs out of the burning wreck, still alive and conscious and brandishes a Hawk-13, ready to shoot Phoenix; however Phoenix grapples it out of his hands, and Saunders pulls out a combat knife; in the struggle Phoenix manages stab Saunders in the neck, killing him with his own knife.

After Saunders' death, it is revealed that top Gilman Security executives were arrested, and that the UN had Gilman troops pulled out of Tokyo after Gilman's involvement in the terrorist attacks was revealed.


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