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> For the mission in Sandstorm, see 04: Extraction.
> For the mission in Blackout, see 19: Extraction.

Extraction is a multiplayer map in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It is one of three new maps added in the Meltdown Update.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour[edit | edit source]

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Ready yourself to infiltrate a WMD lab hidden deep inside the high mountains of Antarctica. This laboratory is used to create compounds such as the H5N1 virus. So watch what you're aiming at; you don't want to return home in a box. Be alert, quick and stealthy; the enemy can hide in any corner. Use the multiple corridors to your advantage. Dismissed!
—Website description

Extraction is set in Edward Page's laboratory in Antarctica, and is an almost completely indoor map with plenty of doorways, narrow, short hallways and small rooms, making close-range firefights the main type of combat on the map, making shotguns a logical choice. Since the map is almost completely indoors, lethal air-based killchains like the Bomber and Airstrike near worthless.

Areas[edit | edit source]

Extraction areas.PNG

(1) Computer Labs: Elevated rooms offer vantage points for snipers providing support, which allows safe movement between the main rooms.

(2) Storage Rooms: Close-quarters combat, great to hide in with a shotgun or SMG.

(3) Outside Storage: Small outdoor area that is useful for sneaking behind the enemy team.

(4) Garage: Large open rooms that allow fast travel between team spawn locations.

(5) Main Hallway: Connects a number of rooms, useful for cutting across the map.

Flags[edit | edit source]

Extraction flags.PNG

(1) Phantom Unit's Flag

(2) SGS Militia's Flag

Zones[edit | edit source]

Extraction zones.PNG

(1) Zone A

(2) Zone B

(3) Zone C

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