The Firefly is the T9 Prestige launcher of the Heavy class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

S‑41 GL   HEV Mk 51   CTK‑88 Crumplor   ZAB IS07   SLAK 7H   LGR 35   COM 4   V.L.A.D.   Firefly    
RPG equipped with highly explosive projectiles that, upon detonation, release an airborne chemical agent that persists several seconds around the impact area.
—Official weapon description
Likely based onRPG-29
Rate of fire20 RPM
MobilityVery low
Magazine size1 rocket
Starting ammo1 + 4 rockets (with Boombastic skill fully upgraded)
EffectSlows enemy down and deals damage (similar to Toxic Area)
TierT9 Prestige

The Firefly is a rocket launcher with a similar design to the HEV Mk 51, featuring moderate damage (but with maximum armor penetration). The Firefly, however features decent mobility and higher-than-average reserve ammunition (with a total of 5 rockets with the Boombastic skill fully upgraded).

In addition, the Firefly's special mechanic causes its rockets to detonate with a toxic DOT effect which lingers in the area for a few seconds. (The effect is comparable to that of the Toxic Area Armor Core. However, the Firefly's toxins linger in the blast area for a much shorter duration - approximately 5 seconds).

Overall, the Firefly is considered an underpowered weapon for its tier due to its mediocre-overall damage output, slow reload speed, and low mobility, leading to it being potentially surpassed by the COM 4 and SLAK 7H

  • Maximum armor penetration
  • High range
  • Decent reserve ammuntion
  • Unique chemical warheads with DOT effect
  • Below-average damage
  • Fairly low rate of fire
  • Very low mobility
  • Cannot ADS
  • Chemical DOT area lingers on the map for very short time

Trivia Edit

  • Around the time of its release, a bug was existed where Firefly despite being a prestige weapon, the icon when received a BluePrint from a weapon pack had a bronze background. The bug was fixed later on, now currently, the gold background is displayed when received a Blueprint of it from a Weapon pack which is the correct one.

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