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AppearancesModern Combat: Sandstorm
Voice actorAlex Burgos
Let's do this for Jackson and Ryan!

Fox was an allied soldier who appeared in Modern Combat: Sandstorm.


Fox is portrayed as soft-spoken and thoughtful, and rarely will the player hear him raising his voice. Fox is also revealed to be married with a child.

Modern Combat: SandstormEdit

Incoming mortar fire! Take cover in the garage!

Fox is a part of the player's squad, and as such crosses paths with the player quite often. Fox is first seen in the level Back in Business, leaning against a wall, holding his trademark M40A3. Along the course of the game, the player encounters Fox many times, though like with all members of the squad, they usually split up again soon after. During the defense of the Palace, Fox single-handedly protects the right side of the palace until the player can assist him.


After chasing down Abu Bahaa in a Humvee with the rest of the squad, Fox is taken hostage by Jones. When Chief kills Jones, Fox tackles Abu Bahaa to prevent him from killing the player with a pair of grenades. However, he is killed in the ensuing explosion.


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  • Fox is one of the selectable character models available for online play.
  • Fox is voiced by Alex Burgos, who also voices Abu Bahaa, but the Android game files contain audio of most of Fox's lines being done by somebody else,
  • There is a hidden audio file of Fox saying "All your base are belong to us." Despite being labeled as Fox, it appears to be said in Abu Bahaa's voice.
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