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Front Line is a specialization introduced in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.

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Frontline is a specialization perk slot mainly for players who prefer an extremely aggressive, rushing style of play.

"They zeroed in on us, and we could hear the enemies' rushed footsteps approaching our position. It's quite amusing. It's clear they THINK they have the upper hand. However, there's something they should've known before they decided to rush towards us. Combat situations that most soldiers would evaluate as 'too risky'; those are the battles I thrive in. I do my best work in the heat of the action. We were told to hold defensive positions until our orders came to attack...

...but I was never very good at following orders."

A durable soldier specialized in front-line combat. This is a good choice for aggressive players who usually rush into danger. Get +50 XP and Credits for performing melee kills.
Rank 10 Selection Skills
MC4-Privelege Privilege: When respawning, your health and movement speed are increased, and your killer is highlighted on the radar.
MC4-Military Tactician Military Tactician: Reduces the requirements to call a military support by 1.
Rank 20 Selection Skills
MC4-Grenade Belt Grenade Belt: Spawn with two grenades instead of just one.
MC4-C4 Explosive C4 Explosive: Enables player to equip a switch-operated IED.
Rank 30 Selection Skills
MC4-Martial Arts Martial Arts: Enables the player to automatically perform a melee attack when enemy is in range.
MC4-Gun Expert Gun Expert: Reloading becomes faster.
Rank 40 Selection Skills
MC4-Paragon Juggernaut Paragon Juggernaut: Increases maximum health significantly.
MC4-Nanofiber Vest Nanofiber Vest: Absorbs an amount of damage from each bullet received except from armor-piercing rounds.

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