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Gilman Security
Gilman Security
TypeSecurity firm
LeaderCEO Kirk Bancroft (Everett Saunders)

Gilman Security is a private military group in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

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Gilman Security is considered to be the world's leading security firm. With headquarters in multiple regions, Gilman has led operations in all key international conflicts in the last two years. The organization is renowned for its exceptionally skilled teams and high mission success rates.

At the beginning of the campaign, Gilman Security is hired by the United Nations to prevent chemical weapons stored in Venice from being intercepted by the World Liberation Army. It is later revealed , however, that Gilman's CEO Kirk Bancroft is actually the international terrorist Everett Saunders, and that the WLA attack on Venice was actually ordered by Saunders as a ruse to steal the weapons while covering Gilman's involvement.

Later, the chemical weapons stolen from Venice were detonated in Tokyo by the WLA, throwing the city into chaos. Gilman Security was then hired by the United Nations and the Japanese Government to ensure peace in Tokyo. However, their methods of the clearing streets were extreme and resulted in unintended killings of Japanese civilians, but Bancroft (Saunders) stated that brute force was needed to ensure peace.

Roux and Phoenix discover Saunders' masterminding the attacks on Tokyo and Venice with the intent of starting a major world war, and infiltrate the Gilman Security HQ in downtown tokyo in order to procure evidence of Gilman's involvement. After acquiring the evidence, Phoenix and Tukura escape to the roof of the HQ for helicopter extraction, where they are confronted by Saunders in an attack helicopter. In the ensuing conflict, Saunders' chopper is shot down and Saunders is killed by Phoenix.

After the death of Saunders, executive members of the Gilman circle were arrested.

In chapters 5 and 6 of the Campaign, the player will encounter Gilman Security soldiers as enemies. The standard troops are clad in armored vests and gasmasks, while the elite troops encountered inside Gilman HQ wear full suits of Oni armor.

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