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The Ground Drone, also known as Combat Drone, is an unmanned vehicle used by the US military in Modern Combat 4's campaign. It's controlled by a tablet and features a gatling gun as it's weapon. In multiplayer, it is a Military Support and not controllable.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Ground Drone
MC4-Ground Drone
EffectRemote-controlled by player to gun down hostiles (Campaign)
Moves around the battlefield and guns down hostiles (Multiplayer)
Duration30 seconds
Kills required7
6 (with Military Tactician)
Countered byEMP strike, EMP grenade

The Ground Drone makes its first and only appearance in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.


The Ground Drone makes multiple appearences in Modern Combat 4's campaign, first seen in the mission Red Summit. The player uses it to clear paths of large number of hostiles in order to advance their mission, using a gatling gun mounted on the drone. The gatling gun fires at an extremely high 1200 RPM, and deals one-shot kills against enemies exclusively. However, the gatling gun can be overheated, meaning that the player will have to wait for the gun to cool down after reaching maximum heat. The Ground Drone also has a limited amount of health, but it has plenty of health to start with.

It appears in the missions:


Spawns an automated ground drone on a random position. The ground drone will patrol the battlefield, shooting down enemies in sight for 30 seconds or until shot down. Requires 7 kills or captures.
—Game description

Ground Drones can be used in multiplayer if the player has managed to achieve 7 kills without dying (6 if the player has the military tactition skill). They are deployed on a random location on the map and kill all hostiles on sight. It will disappear in 30 seconds or until it's destroyed. This drone has a high health, and it is difficult to destroy it with ordinary armory. The Ground Drone can be destroyed using Armor-Piercing Rounds, explosives, EMP grenades or an EMP strike.


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  • Before the Meltdown Update. 8 kills/captures were required to get this support.
  • Unlike the Hover Drone, the player sees this drone in third person in the campaign.
  • On the drone, there is a number "88" and the word "Bishop" written.
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