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The HEV Mk 51 is a rocket launcher in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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HEV Mk 51
MC5-HEV Mk 51
Likely based onRPG-7
UsersCaydan Phoenix
Jonathan Taylor
DamageVery High (direct hit)
High splash damage
MobilityVery low
Magazine size1 rocket
Starting ammo1 - 3 Rockets
Ammo received via pickup1 rocket
Fire modeFree-fire
MC5-HEV Mk 51-hud

The HEV Mk 51 features high explosive splash damage along with a large lethal radius, making the need for a direct hit on an enemy not necessary unless the opponent is in very close proximity.

Unlike grenade launchers such as S-41 GL with fire grenades in an arc, the HEV Mk 51 fires in a straight path, making long-range shots possible, potentially making the the HEV an effective counter-sniper weapon. However, the weapon only features iron sights with no magnification while aiming.

The HEV Mk 51 fires a single rocket at a time, and initially has no reseerve ammo (however with the Boombastic skill, its ammo capacity can be upgraded to a total of 3 rockets). It features fairly slow reload at almost a second, which exacerbates the HEV's one rocket capacity.

  • Very high direct-hit damage
  • High explosive splash damage
  • Precise accuracy
  • Low ammuntion (prior to purchasing the "Boombastic" skill)
  • Lower reload speed than the CTK-88 Crumplor
  • Low mobility

Campaign Edit

  • The HEV Mk 51 is used in the mission Interception, where Bull hands it to Phoenix who uses it to shoot down the WLA helicopter escaping with the package.


The HEV Mk 51 had its damage decreased in an update by Gameloft, making it less popular among players.

  • The HEV appears to be capable of firing guided surface-to-air missiles, as seen in the mission Interception, but this feature is not available in multiplayer.

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