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The HS 414 is an assault rifle in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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HS 414
MC5-HS 414
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onHeckler & Koch HK416
Rate of fireHigh
MC5-HS 414-hud

The HS 414 is the Tier 4 short-barrel rifle of the Sapper class. Statistically it is very similar to the Ticor but slightly superior in most regards; like other SBRs, it features a high rate of fire (rivaled only by the KR-15 and the Stacker) along with below average damage and range. Its most prominent feature is its high accuracy, which is the highest among SBRs (except for the auto-aiming AAW-1) and remains consistent even at longer ranges. It also features almost non-existent recoil, making it surprisingly easy to land headshots.

Like the Ticor, the HS 414 features low damage-per-bullet, but its high ROF combined with solid accuracy help to mitigate this; and with damage-boosting attachments such as the Flash Hider, it can be a formidable weapon at close-to-mid range. At longer ranges, however, there is a noticeable damage drop-off, so users may want to try to limit their engagements to close-mid range.

The weapon's most prominent flaw is its long-reload speed, the second-lowest in its class, making it important for the player to have sufficient ammo in their magazine prior to direct engagements.

  • High rate of fire
  • Great accuracy even while hip-firing
  • Very low recoil
  • Mediocre damage by default
  • Noticible damage drop-off at longer ranges
  • Slow reload

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