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Hans&Gret is a set of dual-wielded Prestige handguns featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

RVK‑09   RAK‑32   RUN‑91   Prok   Tonn   Rokk   Zekk   Hans&Gret   Cas&Poll    
Rate of fireHigh
MobilityVery High
Magazine size18-19-20 (per weapon); 36-38-40 (combined)
Fire modeAutomatic
TierT8 Prestige
The unusual Hans&Gret are specifically engineered to instill deep wounds by inflicting a bleed on the opponent, which in turn delays the time in which the afflicted can be helped or healed back to full health.

Hans&Gret is a dual-wielded Prestige handgun set exclusive to the Marauder class. In addition to featuring maximum armor penetration, the weapon features the highest rate of fire, accuracy, and range statistics of pistols in its class, along with the largest magazine size.

While it is offset with the lowest base damage rating, its maximum armor penetration stat generally compensates for this when facing opponents in higher-tier armors, making it the best all-around choice of pistol for the Marauder class.

In addition, the weapon features a special mechanic which, after dealing damage to an opponent, reduces their health regeneration speed by a small amount of time.

Despite high accuracy and amongst the best time-to-kills in the game, this weapon‘s fast firing rate often leaves the user reloading much of the time and may render the Marauder vulnerable when dealing with large groups. Armor Cores may be used to mitigate this issue; but avoid close encounters with large groups of enemies.

This is the best weapon among the class + Bulls Eye rank 2 gives headshots even more deadly with the Scorcher core MK 5 makes this weapon more OP for stealthy hideseekers players. Also with silencer makes this weapon double stealthy!

  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Highest rate of fire of pistols in its class
  • Highest accuracy and range of pistols in its class
  • Large magazine size
  • High mobility
  • Special mechanic which reduces opponent's health regeneration rate after dealing damage
  • Empties magazine quickly
  • Lower damage statistic than other pistols in its class


  • Hans&Gret are emblazoned with the Gilman Security insignia.
  • The weapon's name is likely a reference to Hansel and Gretel (characters from a well-known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm).

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