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> For the enemy in the campaign, see Executioner.

Heavy is a Soldier Class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[]

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Great resilience. Equips shotguns and RPGs. Efficient in close-range combat.

The Heavy is a tough class designed for close-range combat which equips shotguns as a primary weapon and launchers as a secondary weapon. The Heavy has unrivaled power in close-range encounters, and with required skills purchased is also very resilient and instantly restore HP using its Medkit ability. Disadvantages include the short effective range and high recoil of its shotguns, though its launchers provide an option for longer-range engagements.

A general strategy for playing as the Heavy class is to stick to tighter quarters or indoor areas and avoid being caught out in wide open spaces where longer-ranged foes can easily pick the player off; when engaging a target, the player will want to rush in close enough for their shot spread to be effective, and avoid taking foes head-on at longer ranges.

  • High damage output at close ranges
  • Resistant to damage
  • Launchers are effective against groups of enemies
  • Heal Skill instantly restores HP
  • Synergy Skill boosts damage reduction of teammates
  • Mobility drastically increases with successive kills (with Murderblitz Core equipped)
  • Low effective range
  • Shotguns have low rate of fire
  • Outgunned at longer ranges by Assault and Sniper classes

Primary weapons[]

Secondary weapons[]



Rank 1
10% less damage from explosives
Rank 2
20% less damage from explosives


Rank 1
10% damage reduction when shot in torso
Rank 2
20% damage reduction when shot in torso


Rank 1
Instantly restores 25 HP

Last Stand

Rank 1
20% less damage when below 30 HP
Rank 2
35% less damage when below 30 HP

Quick Heal

Rank 1
HP Regen speed increased by 25%
Rank 2
HP Regen speed increased by 50%


Rank 1
Rocket Inventory increased by 1
Rank 2
Rocket Inventory increased by 2

Medkit Upgrade

Rank 1
Instantly restores 50 HP

Synergy Heavy

Players withing 10 meters will take 10% less damage from all sources (does not apply to yourself).

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