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Hideout is a multiplayer map available in Modern Combat: Sandstorm, and is based on the campaign mission Subterranean Blackout.

Modern Combat: SandstormEdit

LocationUnderground Cavern
TerrainLarge open cavern with long hallways and central bridge
ArchetypeMedium-Long range
MissionSubterranean Blackout

Hideout is a large, two-level open map set in an underground cavern that has been converted into a makeshift base. The main cavern, on the lower level, features a large, open area with ankle-deep water and a raised bridge in the center. Around the outside of the main cavern and on the higher level are two long hallways which connect to the bridge. The hallways have boxes and objects set up for use as cover, and connect to the water below by a staircase. The map features intense long-range combat due to the open lines of sight and simple layout, though short and mid range weapons can also be used effectively.



  • Hideout features the only animated water to be found in Sandstorm's multiplayer.
  • The main bridge is a favored sniping post, but is easy to flank from many directions.

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