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> For the similar sight in MC5, see Holographic RDS.

The Holographic sight is an optical attachment that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation and Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The Holographic sight is used for faster and more accurate target aquisition and a much clearer aiming point.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Red Dot Sight   Holographic Sight   ACOG Scope   Thermal Scope    
Holographic Sight
MC3-Holographic Sight
CostMC4 Cost 4000

The Holographic sight (Holo in short) bears a strong resemblance to the Red Dot Sight in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


The Holographic sight is first available to the player in the mission Cold Blooded, where it can be seen attached to an ACM. It is also present on the ACM in Chaos Factory, as well as Blood Sand attached the player's starting weapon, the TZ4-Compakt. It's also seen in Surgical Strikes on the MC81.


The Holographic sight officialy debuts in Modern Combat 3's multiplayer, available for 4000 credits for any assault rifle, light machine gun, shotgun and submachine gun. It is useful for medium range fighting, as the large, clear reticule gives a clear view of the target. The Holographic sight is affected by glare, which can make the sight appear opaque. In fact, the Holographic sight appears to be much more vulnerable to this. The Holographic Sight has a much clearer reticle than the Red Dot Sight but will cost twice as much and has slightly less peripheral vision.


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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

RDS   High‑MOA RDS   Holographic   Tactical Holo   CTS   Drop Compensator   Thermal LCD   Advanced Holo   Low‑MOA RDS    
ManufacturerCharbtek Corporation
Based onEOTech XPS3
DecreasesMobility (about 5%)
CostMC4 Cost ?

The Holographic Sight returns in Zero Hour. It now has a orange lens and a smaller reticle.

Campaign Edit

The Holographic only appears in mission 6, on a SOCAR-S A1.

Multiplayer Edit

The holographic sight is highly recommended for close-to medium ranged combat. It has a rather orange tint and has a large red reticle, which allows for precision target acquisition out to mid-range.

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