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The Intercept-L200 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is featured in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Intercept‑L200   KR600    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onM-200 Intervention
UsersKPR Alliance
Phantom Unit
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FMJ rounds
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Rate of fire40 RPM Maximum
Magazine size7 rounds
10 (Extended mag)
Starting ammo7/60
Max. ammo57
Ammo received via pickup10
Reloading3 seconds
Fire modeBolt-action
UnlockedRank 10
CostMC3 Credit7,000

Campaign Edit

Appears in Used by Attachments
Cold Blooded Phantom Unit
Chaos Factory KPR Alliance

The Intercept-L200 is very rare in the campaign. It is a starting weapon only in the missions Cold-Blooded and Chaos Factory with an attached Thermal Scope and Suppressor. The player can use this weapon to take out enemies at long range, or obstructed behind smoke with the help of the Thermal Scope. Just like in multiplayer, the Intercept has fantastic damage, able to down enemies in a single shot above the upper legs.

Multiplayer Edit

The Intercept-L200 is unlocked at level 10 in Fallen Nation's multiplayer. The weapon deals the highest damage per shot of any bullet-based primary weapon, having impressive one-shot kill areas, besting the other sniper rifle, the KR600. Being a sniper rifle, the Intercept also does not suffer from bullet drop or lower damage at range. This, coupled with the large one-hit kill areas, the Intercept-L200 is a force to be reckoned with at long range.

The magazine size of the Intercept is 7, and can be increased to 10 using the Extended magazine attachment, which is larger than the KR600's 5-round capacity. Considering the Intercept's one-shot kill potential, seven rounds can go a long way if the player is accurate.

The Intercept's recoil is nonexistent, since the weapon completely recenters after each shot. However, there are some downsides to the Intercept's impressive power. It has a very low rate of fire, being a bolt-action weapon, meaning that follow-up shots can be difficult to execute, making the Intercept much more dependent on accuracy than the semi-automatic KR600. The low rate of fire, coupled with the reduced hip-fire damage, makes hip-fire only useful for the direst of situations. The Intercept also suffers from a slow reload time, and poor mobility and handling traits.

FMJ rounds are a useful pairing for the Intercept, enabling better performance against players running Armor Elite.

The Suppressor is not a recommended attachment, as it compromises one of the key advantages of the weapon. The KR600 may be the better choice for a suppressed sniper rifle.

The Flash Hider is a similarly useless attachment, only decreasing visual recoil when fired. Considering the Intercept's bolt-action nature, the weapon completely recenters after each shot.

Overall, the Intercept-L200 is most effective at long range, where its one-shot kill areas will outperform any other weapon in the game. However, its slow rate of fire and poor hip-fire does render it somewhat worthless in close-quarters. However, "quickscoping" can remedy this somewhat.

  • Highest damage of all sniper rifles
  • Cheaper price and earlier unlock than the KR600
  • Great for quickscoping
  • Lethal at all ranges if used correctly
  • highest clip size of all sniper rifles
  • Slow reload
  • Very low rate of fire
  • Inconsistent and ineffective performance from the hip

Optional weapon attachments Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Intercept-L200 is the first sniper rifle seen with a Suppressor in the campaign of a Modern Combat game.
  • When fired in multiplayer, other players will hear four shots instead of just one. This is also the case with the Defiler.
  • When aiming down the ACOG Scope, the top of the rifle will disappear. This can easily be seen when transitioning to aiming down sights.
  • "L200" refers to the "M-200" in the Intervention's name, the weapon that the Intercept is based on.

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