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Intervention is a specialization introduced in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. It plays offensively.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

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Intervention players specialize in surprise attacks and mobile takedowns.

Eyewitness account, Seattle Tower, 0100 hours: "I guess we were a little overconfident, sir. But he was just ONE guy! He didn't even give me the chance to draw my weapon, and he had taken down my entire unit. Last thing I heard before I was knocked out cold was:

'Too slow, soldier.'

Excels in offense and catching foes off-guard. This is the perfect specialization for opportunistic players who are always on the move, picking off enemies one at a time. +25 XP and credits when performing kill assists.
—Specialization description[1]
Rank 10 Selection Skills
MC4-Sharpshooting Sharpshooting: When shooting an enemy, the target is crippled for a few seconds.
MC4-Team Player Team Player: Kill assists count towards the requirements to unlock military support.
Rank 20 Selection Skills
MC4-Grenade Belt Grenade Belt: Spawn with two grenades instead of just one.
MC4-Personal Jammer Personal Jammer: Jams the radar of enemies in your vicinity.
Rank 30 Selection Skills
MC4-Integrated Radar Integrated Radar: Enemies detected on radar will also be highlighted on the battlefield.
MC4-Helmet Helmet: Reduces damage taken from headshots.
Rank 40 Selection Skills
MC4-Paragon Striker Paragon Striker: Increases movement speed while in iron sight.
MC4-Athleticism Athleticism: Increases sprinting speed.

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  • In the website picture for the Intervention specialisation, the soldier appears to be holding a TZ4-Compakt, however, the weapon does not make an appearance in the game. (See picture at top of article)

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