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The JGLT-313 is a modular weapon in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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TypeModular Weapon
Rate of fireHigh
Fire modeAutomatic

The JGLT-313 functions akin to a a hybrid of an assault rifle and LMG, and is comparable to the QKR-89 in terms of performance. It features solid damage combined with a high rate of fire and armor penetration, but higher recoil and lower hip-fire accuracy than modular weapons such as the M.K.L-665. It has a decent time-to-kill in close-range encounters but less hip-fire effectiveness at longer ranges. Aiming down the sight, however, results in a moderate improvement in accuracy, and allows for better weapon effectiveness in mid-long range combat.

Like other modular weapons, the JGLT-313 does not have to reload, but will overheat and have to recharge if fired continuously; it also features a large "clip" size compared to other weapons of its class. On the whole, the JGLT-313 is arguably a solid all-around weapon potentially capable of holding its own at close-mid range own high-tier assault rifles such as the KOG V, PR39, and WES.

The JGLT-313 features 5 enhancement slots (the most of any modular weapon) with a preferred enhancement type of SMG.

  • Solid damage
  • Solid rate of fire
  • Fast time-to-kill
  • Large clip size
  • Does not have to reload
  • Has 5 enhancement slots
  • High recoil
  • Low accuracy
  • Less effective at long ranges than assault rifles
  • Could overheat too fast if you fired the trigger Continiously without letting the shoot button resting


  • The JGLT-313 features 3 barrels which rotate when firing akin to a gatling weapon.

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