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Jonathan Taylor
AppearancesModern Combat 5: Blackout
AffiliationsGilman Security
Gender♂ Male
BirthUnited States
Voice actorBilly Bob Thompson
There is nothing more accurate than Jonathan Taylor's (A.K.A. Bull) description: Bull by name, Bull by nature.

Jonathan "Bull" Taylor is a character that appears in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Early life Edit

Taylor started with the US Special Forces, but was dismissed under suspicion of selling weapons and classified information to terrorist groups. Prosecutors were unable to secure a conviction as key witnesses retracted their statements. After those events, he joined Gilman Security.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Taylor has a top ranking position in Gilman Security, and is part of Kirk Bancroft's inner circle. He is also the commander of the Gilman Security special forces unit that infiltrated Venice after the terrorist attack. He, along with Phoenix helped clear Venice of the WLA terrorists.

It is later discovered by Roux Phoenix the WLA attack on Venice was a cover-up masterminded by Gilman's security CEO Kirk Bancroft, who is actually the international terrorist Everett Saunders, and the Bull was paid by Saunders to help conduct the plan.

Roux then sent Phoenix to spy on a meeting between Bull and Saunders at a construction site at Ryogoku, where Saunders directed Bull to organize another terrorist attack on Tokyo and link it to the WLA. He was then shot and killed by Phoenix with a sniper rifle at the order of Roux.


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