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The Judgment is a Prestige pistol in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

MSG 33   Mek R3   Luks‑MK2   Hawk‑13   Ratog   FHG 14   Mrager   Judgment   T.O.N.I.    
Damage34 (Less than 12 tiles) - 24 (Further than 30 tiles)
Rate of fire450 RPM
Magazine size9 (3 x 3 rounds)
Fire mode3-round burst
EffectSpecial Melee effect (expends 1 ammunition)
TierT8 Prestige
Beyond its vintage look, the Judgment features state-of-the-art burst-firing system and gyroscopic stabilization for unmatched precision. Using it while in melee range provides a devastating point-blank execution.
—In-game description

The Judgment is a rather unique pistol, featuring an archaic "pepper box" design with 3 barrels, with every pull of the trigger firing a 3-round burst. While its listed rate of fire is average, the fact that it fires 3 rounds with each pull of the trigger gives it the highest pistol rate of fire in practice.

The Judgment features a solid damage output and effectiveness even at ranges, however one of its major drawbacks is its low clip size, which holds only 9 bullets. Combined with its 3-round burst firing mechanic, this means the player will have to reload after every 3 pulls of the trigger, though it compensates for this with a fast reload speed.

In addition, when a player is equipped with the Judgment, his Melee attacks display a unique animation, in which rather than knifing or strangling an opponent, the player shoots the opponent in the head at point-blank range. This melee attack also finishes faster than the standard knife attack, giving the player a slight advantage.

The Judgment is also one of the few guns to be more accurate in hipfire than in ADS mode, as the final shot while ADS provides a noticeable kick (however this is advantageous if the two shots are on the torso and the final spot is a headshot). However, ADS with this gun is not recommended due to poor handling with its iron sights, which cannot equip an RDS, unlike the other pistols.

Despite this weapon being outclassed in many regards by the Lux Aeterna, this weapon still has the advantage of enabling quick melee executions, even when a primary weapon is out. If your class doesn’t have any real reason to switch to secondary and is in melee range much of the time, then the Judgement is an acceptable, even superior option.

  • Solid damage
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • Highest effective rate of fire of all pistols
  • Fast time-to-kill
  • Solid accuracy
  • Solid range
  • Unique melee attack which finishes faster than the standard one
  • Fairly small clip size
  • Clip will be spent very quickly
  • 3-round burst makes strafing difficult
  • Less effective when hip-firing
  • Cannot equip suppressors or red dot sights

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