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The KR600 is a sniper rifle that is featured in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Intercept‑L200   KR600    
TypeSniper Rifle
Likely based onGM6 Lynx
UsersKPR Alliance
ManufacturerKremlin Rifles
Damage7 of 10
/  \
/  \
Rate of fire5 of 10
150 RPM
Range7 of 10
Accuracy9 of 10
Mobility5 of 10
Magazine size5
7 (Extended mag)
Reloading3 seconds
Fire modeSemi-automatic (fully automatic controls)
UnlockedRank 52
CostMC3 Credit24000

Campaign Edit

Appears in Used by
Dragon King of the Sea KPR
Façade KPR

The KR600 is very rare in the campaign, only seen in the mission Dragon King of the Sea and Façade with no attachments. It is a powerful weapon, and useful for when the player will need to engage KPR soldiers at very long ranges, specifically when the player is on the main deck of the carrier.

Multiplayer Edit

Unlocked at rank 52, the KR600 is the last sniper rifle to be unlocked. It is a very versatile weapon, with high damage, a high rate of fire (for a sniper rifle) and low recoil and shot spread. With attached ACOG scope and Extended magazine attachments, the KR600 functions well as an assault weapon. A Thermal sight and Stock can also transform the weapon into a devastating long-range rifle. The only down part is the amount of time it takes to reload. Also, without FMJ rounds, this weapon takes two shots to take down an enemy. With FMJ equipped, the KR600 can one-shot kill enemies without Armor to the head, neck, and upper chest. Against enemies with Armor, only a head and neck shot will kill.

The KR600 may have infinite range, but it suffers at long range compared to the Intercept-L200 because the Intercept has a much higher one-shot kill potential. An ACOG is highly recommended, turning the KR600 into an effective counter-sniper and marksman rifle.

Despite the higher damage of the Intercept, the semi-automatic fire of the KR600 allows it to be more consistent in its performance than its bolt-action rival, as it normally takes 1-3 shots to kill, unlike the Intercept, which will lose its one-shot potential against enemies running Armor.

The KR600 does only sport a minuscule 5 round capacity, even less than its bolt-action rival, and reload speeds are also very slow.

Despite its flaws, the KR600 is a very effective counter-sniper and support weapon, and in the right hands, can be devastating, particularly on maps with long or open lines of sight, such as Alert, Divide, Backup, or Scramble. However, it fares very badly in close-quarters gunfights.

  • Moderate damage
  • Higher rate of fire than the Intercept-L200
  • Low recoil
  • Infinite range
  • Accurate hip fire
  • Lower one shot kill areas than the Intercept-L200
  • Low magazine size (5 rounds)
  • Long reload time

Optional weapon attachments Edit

Gallery Edit


MC3 KR600 Sniper Rifle Online Gameplay!!

MC3 KR600 Sniper Rifle Online Gameplay!!

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Trivia Edit

  • The KR600 is the only weapon in the series with a moving barrel.
  • The KR600 is the first bullpup sniper rifle in the Modern Combat series.
  • The cartridge in the magazine is in 2D.
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