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The KT-44 is an assault rifle which appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Bravel‑1   ACM   KT‑44   Maiden   TZ4‑Compakt   ZN6‑Prototype    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onKTR-08
KPR Alliance
ManufacturerKremlin Rifles (most likely)
HandlingVery low
Magazine size30 (Normal)
45 (Extended)
Reloading2.5 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic
UnlockedRank 28
CostMC3 Credit28,000


Appears in Used by
Operation Blockbuster KPR
Cold-Blooded KPR
Chaos Factory KPR
Blood Sand Al-Akrab
Martyrdom KPR

The KT-44 is a very common weapon used by the KPR and Al-Akrab, seen in Martyrdom with a Red dot sight, Operation Blockbuster with a Grip and a red dot sight, Cold-Blooded with no attachments, Chaos Factory with no attachments, and Blood Sand with a Grip.


Unlocked at Rank 28, the KT-44 has high damage, only needing two bullets to kill an enemy without armor up to 15 meters, extremely high recoil without a grip and very clear, open sights. The Grip is arguably the most powerful attachment for the KT-44, as it drastically increases the ranged effectiveness of the weapon by significantly decreasing visual recoil, allowing the KT to compete with other assault rifles for medium-ranged combat. Optics are unneeded on this gun, as the sights are extremely open, second only to the ZXD Launcher. The extended magazine attachment will help with multiple engagements, and the Flash Hider can help contend the large muzzle flash. The KT-44 is arguably the deadliest assault rifle up close, being able to dispatch enemies very quickly. However, its high recoil combined with the restrictive muzzle flash prevents it from being effective at longer distances.

  • Highest damage of all assault rifles up close
  • Very high rate of fire
  • Fairly early unlock level
  • Open iron sights
  • Fast reload
  • High recoil
  • Inaccuracy when firing full-auto from the hip
  • Shorter effective range than other assault rifles

Optional weapon attachmentsEdit

Attachment Price Effect
Red Dot Sight MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases clarity of the sight.
Holographic Sight MC3 Credit 4,000 Increases clarity even more.
ACOG Scope MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases zoom when ADS.
Thermal Scope MC3 Credit 6,000 Highlights humans bright white.
Flash Hider MC3 Credit 6,000 Increases accuracy and removes muzzle flash.
Grip MC3 Credit 4,000 Reduces recoil.
Suppressor MC3 Credit 4,000 Lowers firing noise and keeps the user off the radar when firing.
Extended magazine MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases amount of ammunition per magazine.
FMJ rounds MC3 Credit 6,000 Increases damage.

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