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Kim-Il Sung
AppearancesModern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
AffiliationsKPR Alliance
DeathUnknown day, Yongwang aircraft carrier, Bering Strait
Killed byJames Walker
Voice actorGiles Panton
Now that you must reap the whirlwind, you blame others for your crimes!
—Captain Sung

Captain Kim-Il Sung (Korean: 김일성) was a North Korean captain, serving on the Yongwang aircraft carrier.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Dragon King of the SeaEdit

See you in hell--
—Sung's last words

Nothing is known about Kim-Il's early life, other than that he despises the US and the Phantom Unit, calling them imperialist dogs, just like Tong, Dobrynya Popovich, and Edward Page. During Phantom Unit's assault on the Yongwang aircraft carrier, Walker confronted Kim-Il at the carrier's control room, along with several KPR soldiers. Kim-Il spoke very aggresively towards Walker and his allies.

As Walker activated the blast shields, Kim-Il, mortally wounded, managed to activate the carrier's self destruct sequence in a desperate attempt to stop Phantom Unit from taking the Russian stealth fighters. Walker shot Kim-Il with his MK45, but not quick enough to avoid the self destruct sequence. Despite this, Phantom Unit managed to safely take off from the carrier along with the aforementioned fifth-generation Russian fighter jets that they uncovered earlier in the mission.

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  • No real image of Kim-Il can be taken, since his character model is a randomly generated North Korean soldier's model.
  • He was most likely named after North Korea's eternal president, Kim Il-sung.
  • This is a Korean name: Kim-Il is his family name
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