Icon mcv
Icon Defender Defender
MCV Knox
WeaponRed Dawg LMG
Ability32px Turret
Ultimate abilityMechanical Heart
Alternate actionAim down sights

Background Edit

Don't anyone tell you EVERY Agent's got emotional troubles and a tragic backstory -- it's just not true!

Take me, for example. Nice little machine shop in the Foundry District, wife runnin' the books, five kids to feed... 'Course, you have to take whatever business comes your way, with a family that size -- that mans jobs from Korp and OCTO. It's like I always say: Politics is for folks who can afford it.

Now, I'm pretty darn good at what I do -- so before long, I was cranking out fully functional auto-turrets for both sides. Solid craftsmanship, quick rate of fire -- I build things to last, and my clients thanked me for it. 'Til they found out I was taking commissions from both sides, anyways.

Long story short, the Agency took me in before things got too hairy -- seems they appreciate a guy who knows how to play for both teams. And as long as they keep my family safe, well... I'll do the same for theirs. Who knows how much trouble those other Agents'd get into without me to look out for 'em?

Description Edit

Knox is an Defender class Agent in Modern Combat Versus. He appears to be overweight and old.

Ability Edit

Activating Knox's Turret temporarily allows him to put a turret to attack enemies in sight with infinite ammo and a high firing rate. The turret is vulnerable to enemy fire, so it has to be protected.

Quotes Edit

When purchased Edit

  • "Agent unlocked."

When selected Edit

  • "I'm ready for battle."
  • "This'll be fun."
  • "All geared up!"
  • "Got my battle hat on."
  • "Rollin' heavy!"
  • "Kids today, ha ha ha!"

When deployed Edit

  • "Give it your all out there!"
  • "Aw, this'll be a cinch."
  • "Fight like you mean it."
  • "Move out! They won't shoot themselves."
  • "Can we make this quick? I gotta get groceries."
  • "Ears and eyes open, everybody!"

Respawning Edit

  • "Won't happen again!"
  • "That caught me off guard."
  • "How about that?"

Killing an enemy Edit

  • "Got 'em!"
  • "Use you for scrap metal!"
  • "I can make a toaster outta you!"
  • "Oh, yeah."
  • "One down!"
  • "Ha, good one."
  • "Triple kill!"
  • "Heh, gotcha! Triple kill."
  • "I got three of 'em."
  • "Four kills!"
  • "I got four!"
  • "Number four."
  • "Five kills!"
  • "Five down!"
  • "Five Agents down."
  • "Killing spree!"
  • "I am unstoppable!"
  • "Woo-hoo! Rampage!"
  • "You or me, pal." (Revenge kill)
  • "Shame it came to this." (Revenge kill)

Activating ability Edit

  • "Friendly turret!"
  • "Hey, don't step on my turret now!"
  • "Let my turret do the work. Heh heh."
  • "I'll just put this right here."

Victory Edit

  • "Mighty fine job!"
  • "Woo-hoo! Anyone up for pizza?"

Defeat Edit

Quick Chat Edit

Group Up Edit

  • "Group up!"
  • "Over here!"
  • "This-a-way!"

Ability Status Edit

  • "Turret's almost ready!"
  • "Building turret!"
  • "Charging turret!"
  • "Ability ready!"
  • "Turret is prepped!"
  • "Ready for a turret!'

Affirmative Edit

  • "Roger."
  • "I got it."
  • "Heh. Gotcha."

Thanks Edit

  • "Heh heh! I appreciate that."
  • "Thanks, pal!"
  • "Thank you!"

Hello Edit

  • "Heh. Hey."
  • "How's it goin'?"
  • "Well, hello there!"

Voice Line Edit

  • "I'm havin' one heck of a time!"
  • "I got you covered!"
  • "Extra firepower! I gotcha!"

Skins Edit

  • Default
  • Hazard

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