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In the increasingly technological arms race, the Kommander has gone back to the roots of modern combat techniques. His tactical training and unprecedented survivability are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield."

The Commander is a Soldier class in Modern Combat 5: Blackout, introduced in Update XVIII.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[]

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The Kommander is a class geared primarily toward defensive and close-range combat. It makes use of shields as its secondary weapon which can be deployed on command, providing frontal protection from incoming bullets at the expense of mobility.

While deployed, the shield provides frontal protection while firing and reloading (however, aiming down the sight exposes the front of the player). After taking damage, the shields' health meter begins to deplete (as indicated at the top-right of the screen), but will automatically regenerate at a fixed rate. If the shield's health meter reaches 0, it is automatically holstered and must regenerate before being redeployed. (With the Field Repairs Skill purchased, the shield can also be instantly repaired by picking up dropped weapons). When a shield is holstered, the shield is hung from the player's back and provides back damage protection as well.

Shields have 4 stat categories - Explosives Armor, Durability, Repair Speed, and Maneuverability, with higher-tier shields offering better stats and unique perks.

Due to the amount of room wielding a shield occupies, the Commander makes use of light tactical guns as its primary weapons - which run the gamut from pistols, to submachine guns, to shotguns. They are generally geared toward close-range combat, however several weapons such as the H.C.-BDOG, ST-2xel and A.E.S.T.-X84 are potentially effective at longer ranges as well, making the Commander a potential counter to long-range attackers such as Snipers when paired with the shield.

The Commander also receives the unique Skill of Interrogation; upon performing a melee kill, the Commander can force an enemy to reveal the positions of their teammates on the radar prior to performing the kill. With the Shield Rush Skill, the Commander can charge at enemies with the shield deployed, dealing significant damage and blinding the enemy with the shield's strobe lights when it hits, further increasing the Commander's melee-range prowess.

The Commander's Ballistic Plates Skill also allows it to deploy armor kits which can be picked up by any player and provide an increase to their max HP cap as well as healing the player by a fixed amount; after the extra HP is depleted, however, it does not regenerate, and players are limited to picking up only 1 plate per each spawn. (It should also be noted that the plates can be picked up by enemies as well as allies).

The Commander can be purchased on the Black Market for 600 credits, Though during sales it will go down to 300 credits.

  • Unique arsenal of shields for absorbing frontal damage
  • Shields provide back protection when holstered
  • Decent primary weapon mobility without shield deployed
  • Powerful in defensive and close-range combat
  • Potentially effective at all ranges with the right weapon selection
  • Shield Rush Skill allows player to charge and bash enemies with shield and provides a huge increase in mobility while active (activated by pressing the CROUCH button with the shield deployed)
  • Interrogation Skill allows player to reveal locations of an enemy's teammates on the radar
  • Ballistic Plates Skill allows player to deploy armor plates which can be picked up by players to increase their max HP.
  • Comes equipped with at Tier 3 armor by default
  • Many weapons are ineffective at long-range combat
  • Low mobility with shield deployed
  • Player is still vulnerable to explosive damage with shield deployed
  • Shield offers no protection from melee attacks
  • Can be outmaneuvered and flanked by faster opponents as left and right side are vulnerable (only front or back can be protected by the shield)
  • Limbs may also still be vulnerable with shield deployed (with accurate aiming, the player may also be shot in the head through the shield's visor)
  • Can be vulnerable to headshots from players on higher ground shooting from above
  • Ballistic Plates deployed on the map can be picked up by enemies as well as allies

Primary weapons[]

Secondary weapons[]


Tier Name Rank 1 Rank 2
1 Shield Rush Charge forward with your shield up! Players hit by the shield will suffer 50 points of damage. Players hit by the shield will suffer 80 points of damage and will be temporarily blinded by its built-in strobe lights.
2 Interrogation Interrogate enemy players while performing a melee kill to reveal the location of their allies for 7 seconds. Interrogate enemy players while performing a melee kill to reveal the location of their allies for 10 seconds.
3 Ballistic Plates Deploy up to 3 tactical ballistic armor kits, increasing effective HP by 25 points. They stick to surfaces and can also be used by allies.
4 Field Repairs Picking up other players' weapons will instantly restore your shield's integrity by 70 points. Picking up other players' weapons will instantly restore your shield's integrity by 100 points.
5 Ricochet Bullets fired at the shield have a 15% change to ricochet back in the direction of the shooter. Bullets fired at the shield have a 25% change to ricochet back in the direction of the shooter.
6 Reconstruction Shield regeneration starts 1 second faster. Shield regeneration starts 2 seconds faster
7 Ballistic Plates Upgrade Deploy up to 3 tactical ballistic armor kits, increasing effective HP by 50 points. They stick to surfaces and can also be used by allies.
8 Bullet Sponge Players within a 15-meter radius receive an additional 5% bullet protection


With the Shield deployed, the Commander is an extremely versatile class capable of absorbing absurd amounts of damage, with potential lethality at all ranges depending on its weapon of choice. Against a competent player, there are very few real counters to it. However, many classes have weapons or techniques which can be used against it effectively:

  • All classes - If all else fails, throwing grenades and retreating is the preferred tactic - particularly with the Toxic Area Core equipped. Melee attacks are also effective due to the Commander's low mobility (provided the Commander does not have the Neckguard Core equipped). If engaging a Commander 1-on-1 at close range, attempting to flank the Commander or shoot its limbs rather than the shield is one's best move (as engaging the shield head-on is generally suicide unless a player has several teammates to provide fire support).
  • Heavy - The Heavy class is generally a decent anti-Commander option (particularily with the Murderblitz Core for increased speed), as the spread of its shotguns' has a high-chance of hitting the Commander's sides and limbs at close-ranges (with DBS 4, Buckshot, and LSN-25B being preferred choices). Its launchers also provide a decent option against Kommander (with the SLAK 7H and COM 4 being popular choices, capable of penetrating the shield with their explosive damage). The V.L.A.D. also has a solid niche use against the Kommander, with its extremely high damage making quick work of the Kommander and easily destroying shields; the Kommander's low mobility with the shield deployed also makes it more vulnerable to the V.L.A.D.'s lock-on.
  • Sniper - The IMP-S is possibly the single-best anti-Kommander weapon - as the weapon's explosive damage penetrates the shield - and is often capable of killing a Kommander in a single shot even with the shield deployed; even if the Kommander survives, the high damage can reduce the shield's HP to 0 quickly. The Dread Eye is also a solid choice, as the ricocheting charged shots are capable of killing a Kommander with a single shot to the limbs.
  • Support - The R.C.F.-08's ricochet feature makes it a potential option against Kommander, capable of hitting the Kommander's body from angles if the player masters ricocheting off of walls.
  • Bounty Hunter - The Verr Power is a solid option, as the steady stream of energy can easily graze the Kommander's arms and legs if aimed well. The SPEC-38A's ricochet feature also provides a solid option for players who've mastered it.
  • Sapper - The Seeker is one of the best options for dealing with a Kommander at close-mid range, as it will lock-on to the Kommander and follow it indefinitely, with the explosive damage capable of penetrating the shield and dealing very high damage if it hits. This generally forces the enemy Kommander to withdraw the shield and retreat (unless it is capable of quickly shooting the Seeker down).
  • Marauder - Cas&Poll's special mechanic allows the last few rounds of a magazine to deal explosive damage, making it a potential option.

While the Kommander is a more defensive class than a offensive class, it's reverse class is Sapper, which is more offensive than defensive (the Kommander is about 75% defensive and about 25% offensive).

Sometimes using a shield is can be a counter to opponents who throw frag or concussion grenades at you. If you deploy the shield at the right time, it may simply bounce it back, possibly even resulting in a suicide kill against your opponent - or you could simply survive the damage at ranges closer to the blast radius than are possible without the shield.


  • GL released an official backstory for the Kommander - he is described as the leader of an elite unit whose men were killed in a surprise attack by hostile forces leaving him as the lone survivor, after which, he traverses the battlefields seeking to avenge the death of his unit.
  • When performing a melee attack with the Interrogation skill, the Kommander will shout lines such as "Speak!" or "Where are they!?" (The voice's accent is most likely Russian)
  • The Heavy class is a good choice for countering the Kommander, as its shotguns' spread makes it easier to hit the Kommander's limbs when the shield is deployed, and the explosive damage from its launchers can penetrate the shield.

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