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This is home to the Lucky 777 clan. They usually are really challenging to beat. Especially [777]alexlee777 and [777]chrislee777. I think they work in pairs, but that may not be true. They usually play Warefare or Team Battle. By the way [777]alexlee777 is really good with the R780 written by DarkWolf


Tell us what accounts you play on

[777]chrislee777 [777]alexlee777

Replied by the 777 Clan Member/Leader or whatever LOL

We do work in pairs. We are all siblings who create the 777 Clan and I am a member :) Our new member, [777]Carolinelee_777 is replying to your comment. I do play with them together and if you have any questions about us, please let us know! I will be glad to hear back from you! Our highest KD from our member is 2.7, mine is 2.17, lowest is 1.7


The Abyss

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Description: Players never see us coming. We come from The Abyss

Current Youtube channels for squad: NightWielder

Age: 1 month

Rank: 999

Activity: Medium

Squad WarsEdit

Scheduled Squad Wars*: Every Saturday 

  • Pacific Standard Time: 1 pm (about)
  • Mountain Standard Time: 2 pm (about)
  • Cetral Standard Tme: 3 pm (about)
  • Eastern Standard Time: 4 pm (about)

Player InformationEdit

Population: 10-15

Average player multiplayer ranking: 1600

Highest Ranked Player: Red ZL| (almost 1900

Second Ranked Player: |NightWielder| [almost 1800(Check out my recent post my progress reset)]

Third Ranked Person: Source Reserve (almost 1800)

(All 3 above are active on weekends for Squad Wars)

Well everyone hope you can consider joining. If you want to join you have to send me your DOG TAG not your username but your dog tag you can find it is a string of letters and numbers at the top left when you go to your profile.



Alpha Squad Z

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Use any automatic gun or sniper. We play every Saturday 10:00am UK time. We do all gamemodes. Leader is 4TB-Gecko. If you want to join send me a message on youtube (im called hotdeaths) or meet in the Game on Saturday. Its will be an alert team battle. Also change your clan to ASZ. Please join and thanks for reading.



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Add AlmightyBi$hop This is the Clan of Bane himself.We are necessary evil.we are out to take out the best clans out there.Founder Aquil Aqii invites players out there seeking to join in our road to conquest.We accept any player, regardless of K/D or W/L ratios but only after a test match with either the leader or one of its commanders...for more info msg the BANE clan at palringo.


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Chaotic Soldiers

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Just a DBZ fan clan. No matter what does your K/D or W/D is, just use the Z logo. The creator is [DBZ]The_Saiyan


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Leader: [dude]jimmybillcream RANK: gold badge specialty Weapons: Compakt, KR-200, 40mm Thor GLP. Ideal Match: Backfire Manhunt.

Co leader: [dude]JimbobDelly13 RANK: First blue badge. Specialty weapons: Pump action shotgun, bolt action sniper rifle. Ideal Match: Paradise VIP.

To join write your name on this exact page in this format:

Name:emrakh12525 Name ishu999
RANK:gold 3 rank 47
Specialty Weapons:
Ideal match:tea battle dog days and landfall

Name: Cazilla5

Rank gold 2 rank 50

Speciality weapons Compakt 665, Volkolv

Ideal Match: Battle at paradise


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We are a group of trained OP killers who can overcome all types of problems. We are one strong group that has players from all over the world. In Mc4 we believe that all that matters is team work and practice. Those are two factors that are present in DVLM, we believe that ranks or prestiges do not matter but our skill and team work is what makes us a clan.

Leaders: (DVLM) Neirax_8980, (DVLM) Izr Izuki_4343, (DVLM) Onyx_9081

Clan weapons: Charbtek, X6 sniper, Ops 65, Kr-200 ,and


- Making kills with Socar and Shoc

- Know how to quickscope

- Have three full perks and loadouts

- Active

- Hackers are not welcomed

To join you must be at least a third green badge and you must have a KD of 0.55 or more.

Darkest Nation

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A nation of elites brought to existence by the merciless and mysterious Darkestdays. This nation will overshadow the IOS platform and conquer the world's attention with unprecedented challenge and inflict traumatizing fear for many years to come. For more information visit us at

If life is taken and you hear a cry, If the world darkens and more are to die, And fear cripples hearts strong and weak, Then know our evil has come for your soul to seek

Darkest Nation Mass

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A sub-division of Darkest Nation that welcomes everyone regardless of skill or prestige. It was made specifically because we believe that everyone matters, perhaps not in MC4, but in many other more important aspects of gaming. We believe in you and we will walk the same path that you do. Visit us at

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Eagle Strikers Team

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co-owner- Tootsie

My name is teran98rock. TOOTSIE and I decided to create a new clan called EsT It stands for Eagle Strikers Team. Our recruitment point is to recruit high level players with a kd ratio of 2.0 and up if you're interested please join our palringo group [est clan]. We'll test your skills and if you make it you'll be in EsT clan. We hope to build a high level clan. Please come and join EsT. Come we'll be the best clan or at least be in the first places. We accept assault and sniper players єѕт_тєяαη98яσ¢к and TOOTSIE are anxious to see your amazing skills And trick shots. Come and Join!!

our official website

20th Equestrian Royal Assault Force

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Welcome to ERAF. Our main goal is to protect our great land of Equestria and stomp out all terrorism in the human world and the land of the Ponyfolk. Anyone is welcome. For the Princesses! URA!


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My name is ENvY Frost Scope Welcome to ENvY,fighting our way to #1 in leaderboards currently ranking #8 We here at ENvY are a family we love to play and talk on skype. Some of my best friends are in this clan you could be too.

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FeaR Sniping

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FeaR Sniping was founded by Proto and ThRaS (Founder & Leader). Basically FeaR is the best clan for Sniping. They recruit the most skilled snipers and trickshooters on iOS (only recorders). They have 2.5K Subscribers on youtube. Check them out on YouTube. You can ask to join the clan on Palringo, join [fear sniping].


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FearUs was founded by an anonymous hacker, only known as FearUs_00. FearUs is only avalible to modders, and if you want to join, just make an account following that format. For example, FearUs_08.


Gunners (MCVS)

We kill anything against us! New clan everyone is welcome (for now) must have 0.50 K/D and must be at Sliver league :D

Active December 2018



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Clan Made by didduzz For anyone who uses assault rifles or snipers ;)


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New clan. Right now everyone is welcome to join. Your K/D, W/L ratio doesn't matter. If you want to join message SKELEETO In game.



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One of the top 10 Modern Combat 5 Clan. they op asf.




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Showing heart since 2015


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was made by jeantheroker21

we are using assault and sniping guns

i the leader plays like almost everyday. since i started my other member is only

playing when he have time so its hard to find a match against us

i will try to recruit alot of members . i hope to fight you soon.




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Hello I will today introduce to [LIFE] clan.I am one of the members we have clan battles,scrims.etc.We recruit on players skills K.D doesnt mean anything in my opinion.We Do not Have Palringo But we use MessageMe for our Clan chat.If you wish to try out for our clan message the owner and see if he/she will accept you.We make up games like Infected to play.You Probably may have heard of it.Its the best.We look forward for the future and Our Clan will be #1 Someday.Stay Tuned For More Info!.The Owners Of LIFE Clan is Khanny,and Musti.So if you want to test your skills contact us and we will test you :). -Anonymous <.< >.> [Assault Clan]



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Best Russian Android and iOS clan. Founder - pushinkaaa.

Clan Member:








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Android and IOS. Founder - (MEX) The_kingz23


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PicsArt 10-16-09.02.27

Malaysia Clan 4 malaysian only


1.Troopersmalaya92 (Founder)


Never Back Down

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One of the newest clans to MC4. Mostly a mid-ranged assault clan, close range works too. We do clan matches and inter-clan team battles. We also give tips and tricks if needed. Must have a k/d ratio of 0.75 or more. Must also be rank 50 or more. Contact with Parlingo: NBD Clan. Ask to join or just get any questions answered.



Pro Quickscopers

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We are mostly a console clan for MW2, MW3, AND Black Ops, but we support iOS games like MC2 and MC3.

We are mostly quickscopers, but join if you don't quickscope, and are looking for a friendly clan..

Our Website




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Founder: (RAZR)gamerdudemc4 or Razer_Noobsler

Sniping and assault teams separate.

Visit the Facebook group page! Link underneath

We need atleast 10 Members in this clan to be going so all the support would help.


1. What level (atleast lvl 30 noob)

2. What prestige

3. K/D ratio must be above 0.50 or atleast .50

it might seem low but we'll have to train to get better!

When you are in the clan use (RAZR) or (R4zR) either of them are fine. Must join google plus or facebook group so we know how many people are in the clan.


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Leader:[FSK]RC_CRuSH_YoU Awesome Modern COmbat 4 Clan


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email me if interested in joining squad at K/D does not matter. Team name is Razor Squad. No noobs, hackers, ect. I am team leader ( under the name Gonza715 ). You do as i say, but i will let you choose classes, skills, weapons, and coustomized weapons. IOS ONLY. Experience dose not matter. I am open to all. As i said, email me at address below

Really Pissed Gamerz

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An elite clan spectualted to take out hackers. Founder: [RPG]TheNerfNut


Search and Destroy

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- Must be a german/english player

- Must have a 1,5 K/D

- NO Noobtuber

- Only on ANDRIOD

The Silver Legion

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Website can be found HERE.

Supreme xtreme Carnage

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A powerful Clan that Took the Mc franchise by storm. Its leader is SxC_Jok3R, it is the benchmark for all assault clans before it. Join us! SxC For Ever!

Strike Force Squadron

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Leader: (SFS)GunFuMaster. Specialty: Specializes in having a different class per person in a battle. Requirements: Must have at least 1.5 KDR, must be at least War Veteran 5. Recruitment: Testing of counter-weaponry skills and loadouts of potential recruits. The Compakt-665 is banned from use in this clan since we do not like being unfair with glitches and overpowered weapons in the game. We use brains, and we do not like the popular "MLG All Aim No Brain" playstylee. Zone Control and Team Deathmatch are what we usually play.

Recruit requirements-

Front Line- 1v1 shotgun and knifing match, Shotgun suggested

Assault- KR-200 1v1 with Manhunt, assault rifle suggested

Support- Warfare 1v1, long ranged assault rifle suggested

Demolitions- 1v1 on Destruction, LMG/AR hybrid suggested

Stealth- 1v1 on Team Battle w/ sniper rifles, no quickscoping


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Co Leaders: FSk_Jwae SyNc_Exoc3t

Platform: iOS Gun Type: Assualt Requirements: Beat Our Punk A** Ni*** In A Test

Palringo: [SyNc Clan]


TaMe Gaming Community

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TaMe was created in May 2013 to bring together iOS gamers from around the globe, to provide them Head Quarters (Clan) where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a "friends-first" experience in the online community. TaMe provides Ranking Structure for the community, There are a lot of iOS games we look in to, mostly Modern Combat Series. There is only one requirement! When Signing up for the forum please start the username with TaMe_ ------ SignUp here: Click Here

The best Shooters

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This is my Clan, TbS, The best Shooters.We are a very good stealth Killing clan.we love our guns and will still kill.I created the CLAN my self.people that are in our clan are:

TbS Oleg Olah (me)

TbS WakaBullet


TbS Lukas Buivydas

TbSowais nazim

TcO The Chosen Ones

Join TcO for a fant@$tic MC4 experience. We are a well rounded clan, looking to become big in the Modern Combat Community. We are Android only, and are both a sniping and assaulting clan. If you are interested in joining, find and contact the Supreme Leader Commander Sir [TcO] RELOAD_47. :D

Members include:

(Co-Leader) [TcO] PringlesCan (That'd be me cuz the Supreme Commander is kinda lazy...) ;)



[TcO] Mustafa224

[TcO] p_diponegoro

[TcO] ichbinummer1

[TcO] worthless1 (possibly inactive)


[TcO] kbfan26

[TcO] jaspergor

The Chosen Ones

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Join TcO for a fant@$tic MC4 experience. We are a well rounded clan, looking to become big in the Modern Combat Community. We are Android only, and are both a sniping and assaulting clan. If you are interested in joining, find and contact the Supreme Leader Commander Sir [TcO] RELOAD_47. :D

Members include:

(Co-Leader) [TcO] PringlesCan (That'd be me cuz the Supreme Commander is kinda lazy...) ;)



[TcO] Mustafa224

[TcO] p_diponegoro

[TcO] ichbinummer1

[TcO] worthless1 (possibly inactive)


[TcO] kbfan26

[TcO] jaspergor


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Clan leader is "[TURK]Emirhanwhy"

This clan is creating for nations of Turkey. We are on Modern Combat 4.

Member of TURK



[TURK]Samed Ali Yildirim



[TURK]Eren Imdat

[TURK]Mesut Ey.



[TURK]TC Okan M.

[TURK]Tolga Baltaci



United Nations Marine Corp

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United Nations Marine Corp. We are small alliance but hoping to have some member to join us. There are the commander; apword1799, and co-commander; tranitime55. Join in out Palingo chat to meet us, United Nation Marine Corp. We accept any players with more k/d ratio of 0.75 from any style, from assult to sniper. We hope to see you there soldier. UNMC Clan's Website

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VILE is an Android clan that is very active and competitive. We are a combination of Snipers and Assault shooters. We have our own facebook group if anyone is willing to join. To join the clan, you must pass our test. If you fail, you join our sub clan, VIRE. The test is not easy, so be ready for a challenge! Have fun!



Alt. Leader:




Snipe Leader:


Snipe Co-Leader:


Assault Co-Leaders:




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The X-striker is a clan only for elite, you will never see them. If you do, your doom is near. The leader is kalvy and the co-leader is crabiefire. prepare to be doomed. Can't beat us? Join... PREPARE TO BE DOOMED!!!!! MUAHAHAHA

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The One. The Only. The YOLO Clain Will Reign Terror Upon You All, And Defeat All Who Stand In The Way. (i.e. SxC, and Dark Nation) Y.ou






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All welcome


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Pride and honor. Anyone with skills, free to join.


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King of Gods. Best of the best.

Join now-- Zeus

Founder: KoreanMilitary


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Russian Android clan. Founder: nekit7z.

Zero Tech Gaming

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Owner: ZTG_Exoc3t

iOS Gaming Clan - Assualt

Palringo: [ZeroTechGaming]