Lux Aeterna
EffectSlows down enemy, increased damage to Werewolf armor.

The Lux Aeterna is the Tier 9 fully automatic pistol, with an extremely high rate of fire, and can hold up to 20 rounds with an extended mag. Requiring 35 blueprints to unlock, the Lux is the last of its type to be unlocked. It features the ability to slow players down (players who are hit suffer a movement debuff and a cloudy icon will be visible on the left of the HUD), as well as being able to deal increased damage to players with Werewolf armor, purportedly due to its bullets being encased in silver.

As the highest tier pistol available, the Lux is expectedly one of the best weapons in the game. Its high RoF (Rate of Fire) has often earned it the nickname of a 'mini/pocket Grinder', and combined with solid damage, it is capable of taking out enemies at a medium range with accurate hipfire. Due to its special ability of slowing players down, the Lux can be used in a tactical sense to give players an edge in mobility over enemies. In addition, the Lux is the only pistol to be equipped with a scope (this is the default and cannot be changed), and if the player stands still, taking out enemies at long range is viable.

However, the Lux does not come without its downsides. The most notable issue with the gun is it's scope, which is heavily influenced by player movement, and sways heavily. This is most evident when the player is strafing, as the cross-hairs on the scope will constantly move side to side. Standing still will negate this effect, however this makes a non-moving player an easy target for other players. Also, due its innately high RoF, the Lux empties its magazine quite quickly, and the reload is somewhat slow, especially in close-quarters combat where time for reloading is crucial.

Due to this weapon’s damage output, which equals or exceeds the effectiveness of most primary weapons, this pistol can be used to increase the effectiveness of classes that are considered “bottom tier” due to their primaries’ relatively low DPS. The Recon class is particularly improved by this weapon, as this weapon‘s strength at close quarters compliments the class’s effectiveness at ambush; though silencers cannot be equipped. In addition, the Sniper class is especially fond of this weapon, because its Handgun Mastery skill boosts the already impressive damage of the Lux by 20%! This turns the Sniper into an effective all-rounder.

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