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The MAC11 is a submachine gun that appears in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit

TypeSubmachine Gun
Likely based onMAC-11
UsersUnited States Army
Rate of fire1200 RPM
Magazine size32
Starting ammo90
Max. ammo270
Reloading1.5 seconds
Fire modeFully automatic
UnlockedRank 3


The MAC11 is fairly common late in the campaign, with South American enemies being fond of it. The MAC11 is a good backup weapon, with a high rate of fire, good accuracy and low power.


Unlocked at level 3, the MAC11 performs the same way as it does in the campaign, and is a good backup weapon for snipers or players carrying a heavy primary weapon, such as the M249 or the RPG-7. While it does have very low per-shot damage, its extreme rate of fire allows for quick disposing of enemies up close, able to go toe-to-toe with many of the automatic primary weapons up close. The reload speed of the MAC11 is also very swift.

However, there are some severe downsides to the weapon. Most notably, is its high rate of ammunition consumption. 32-round magazines can be left empty in just around a second, making reloads very frequent. The MAC11 also has extreme muzzle flash and recoil when aiming down sights, making it ill-suited to aiming down sights.

Despite its flaws, the MAC11 can be a powerhouse up close, despite being somewhat of a niche weapon.


MAC11 SilencedEdit

MAC11 Silenced
MC2-MAC11 Silenced
TypeSubmachine Gun
UnlockedRank 39

Unlocked at level 39, this version of the MAC11 gains a silencer, which both increases the damage and accuracy of the weapon. The damage drop-off is still roughly the same, so similar tactics apply to the Silenced version as to the unsilenced.


Trivia Edit

  • The MAC11 and the M249 both shoot 2 bullets when the shoot button is pressed once.
  • The help pages in MC2 state that this weapon fires 700 RPM, but it actually fires 1200.

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