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The Maiden is an assault rifle that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Edit

Bravel‑1   ACM   KT‑44   Maiden   TZ4‑Compakt   ZN6‑Prototype    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onFAMAS Infanterie
UsersKPR Alliance
Damage3 of 10
Rate of fire6 of 10
Range5 of 10
Accuracy5 of 10
Mobility4 of 10
Magazine size30 (Standard Mag)
45 (Extended mags)
Starting ammo150
Reloading3 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic
UnlockedRank 35
CostMC3 Credit16,000

Campaign Edit

The Maiden is very common in the campaign, being one of the main primary weapons of the KPR forces. The Maiden can be found without attachments and with an attached ACOG Scope, especially in the mission Dragon King of the Sea, where the Maiden is one of the most common weapons in the level.

Multiplayer Edit

Unlocked at rank 35 and costing 16,000 credits, the Maiden is an accurate weapon with low damage, low recoil, and high and obstructive iron sights. As such, optics are usually needed, though an ACOG Scope works well. FMJ rounds work very well, as the lack of damage can be an annoyance in many circumstances. Despite this, the Maiden is a great "Marksman" type weapon, since a variety of other weapons outclass it in close-quarters. The visual recoil is high, however, the weapon has a relatively fast center-speed, making the recoil very manageable compared to other automatic weapons, like the ACM and KT-44.

Overall, the Maiden is a unique weapon in the assault rifle category. It may falter in close-quarters thanks to its lack of close-range damage, but its high centerspeed, decent damage at range, and moderate rate of fire makes it one of the more effective fully-automatic marksman weapons.

  • Low recoil
  • Moderately high rate of fire
  • More accurate hip-fire when spraying compared to the ACM and KT-44
  • Decent range
  • Obstructive iron sights
  • Low damage up close
  • Frame obstructs a lot of the screen
  • Slow reload time

Optional weapon attachments Edit

Attachment Price Effect
Red Dot Sight MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases clarity of the sight.
Holographic Sight MC3 Credit 4,000 Increases clarity even more, at the cost of less peripheral vision.
ACOG Scope MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases zoom when ADS.
Thermal Scope MC3 Credit 6,000 Highlights humans bright white.
Flash Hider MC3 Credit 6,000 Increases accuracy and removes muzzle flash.
Grip MC3 Credit 4,000 Reduces visual recoil.
Suppressor MC3 Credit 4,000 Dampens firing noise and prevents the player from appearing on the radar when firing.
Extended magazine MC3 Credit 2,000 Increases amount of ammunition per magazine.
FMJ rounds MC3 Credit 6,000 Increases damage.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Maiden takes up a large portion of the screen when with the suppressor equipped. It covers the crosshairs, and the weapon is in a weird angle.
  • The iron sights of the Maiden sit higher up than any other weapon.
  • The frame of the weapon is so large, it actually completely blocks the muzzle flash, just like with the TXR-Reaper.
  • The HUD icon shows the Maiden without its iron sights.
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