aka Kimchi Boi

  • I live in Oahu, Hawaii
  • I was born on March 1
  • I am Male
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  • To everyone, I really hope you don't have to come across 'this':


    Just incredible. There's something so 'special' about Kan. Just... something.

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  • What are the chances? To comfirm, he was in 'BnatesSquad' clan.

    Omg Its Bnates
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  • Not gonna lie, it's not bad.

    Yeah, I like it. I just have to look at it as 'different' from the other installments in the series. It's technically not 'MC6' but rather the 7th installment. I see it like a combination of BO3 and Overwatch.

    As long as it stays p2w-free, it's okay on my book.

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  • ...The title says it all.

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  • Hey, thank you so much for all your screenshots and edits. Your and Enzo's contributions are very welcome, and the wiki keeps getting better thanks to you guys.

    However, while you're uploading all those images, it's easy to change some things, instead of me having to fix it later.

    • No PNG but png
    • No all-caps titles, there's no point of that
    • Please select a license when you upload them

    Thanks again, and happy editing!

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    • Got it, thanks!

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    • How do I select a license? Like you mean the MCW-Name or screenshot:MC?

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    • When you upload a picture using Contribute->Add an image->, there should be a toolbar to select which license to use. Alternatively however, you can edit the image just like a normal page and put

      This image is a screenshot of a Modern Combat game.

      This file contains content owned by, or from a game developed by Gameloft. This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Gameloft, or its licensors. Game content and materials copyright Gameloft. and its licensors.

      © 2020 Gameloft, All Rights Reserved.

      This image is used here under the terms of Fair Use for non-profit educational purposes.

      This takes precedence over any and every other license.

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    • Alright

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  • I've got some interesting pictures while I was playing some campaign in MC4 and 5.

    So in this photo taken in MC5, I was playing a mission in Chapter 3 called Getaway and when I being shot at by the RPG dude, I've thrown an impact grenade at him. I then went up the stairs to check him out and found this:

    IMG 0213

    I call this photo "Don't mind me, I'm just relaxing."

    Also in MC4, I've might've found the real SkyWalker:
    IMG 0319


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  • Team Instinct, anyone? Also I'm back to Hawaii from my 2 week trip from Massachusetts. I had fun at the Boston University Summer Program and enjoyed my History of Boston and Business classes. Expect me to upload some edits on some pages in this wiki.

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  • Anyone miss their collection of Pro Weapons from MC5 because I fricken do. Hell, I had a huge pride with my Pro Weapons collection before the update removed and replaced them with f***en blueprints. I remember having all the Pro Varients of the sniper class. Here's a list of Pro Guns I was unable to achieve after the blueprint update from what I remember:







    -KOV Mk V



    -Hauzzer 45


    -VOID 6

    -DBS 4


    -COM 4

    Pro Weapons were originally the main reason why I bought credits for Supply Packs. Personally, these were way more balanced than the blueprints since pro weapons had a stat raised higher than the normal varient while another stat was reduced. In conclusion, even if their gone I'll most likely not forget them.

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  • I still hate what MC5's become. But even after the many crappy updates it has recieved, I still have it in my iPad and I'm still playing it. But I'm staying the f*** away from multiplayer yet I'm still playing the campaign since for some good reason, it never bores me out. I'll be playing more MC3 and MC4 since my junior year is over and summer's out. So in conclusion, even though MC5 is such a horrible game currently and its chances of recovering is close to 0%, I'd say don't hate the game but blame the developers since the devs keep changing the game and adding in s*** that no one asked for like literally.

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