What is Modern Combat Wiki?Edit

A wikiEdit

The purpose of this wiki is to provide information for anyone who want to learn something about the Modern Combat series.

About Modern CombatEdit

This wiki is focused on the series, and nothing else.

A community projectEdit

This wiki has no leader and no owner. The founder of the wiki is Lumanaru.

What is Modern Combat Wiki not?Edit


We are focused on the MC series, not on real-life counterparts.

A blogEdit

Yes, this site has a blog function. That doesn't mean that everybody here want to know everything about your life. There are others sites for that.

A place to fightEdit

There is no need to be aggressive, every disagreement can be solved with polite words.

Also, don't bring fights from other wikis to the MC wiki. Everything that a user does on another wiki is expected to stay there.

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