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> For the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour variant, see CTK-1410.

The N4010 is a shotgun that appears in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Defiler   N4010   Roar 3000    
Likely based onM1014
UsersKPR Alliance
Rate of fire120RPM
Range40m max
Magazine size4 rounds
Starting ammo4/60
Reloading2.4 seconds
Fire modeSemi-Automatic
UnlockedRank 31
CostMC3 Credit12,000

The N4010 is a semi-automatic shotgun that holds 4 shells. It deals moderate damage compared to the Roar 3000, but a lower one-shot range and damage than the Defiler.


Appears in Used by
Cold-Blooded KPR
Surgical Strikes N/A
Martyrdom N/A

The N4010 is quite rare in the campaign, and can only be seen in the missions Cold-Blooded, Surgical Strikes and Martyrdom with no attachments.


Unlocked at rank 31, the N4010 is very similar to its predecessor, the Benelli M4. The N4010 has open, clear iron sights, good damage and high mobility, but has a tiny 4 round magazine that can be a hindrance in firefights. As such, the FMJ Bullets attachment is regarded as the most useful, as optics are generally useless on shotguns. FMJ will ensure that your shots count by giving them higher damage. Having only four rounds at your disposal can be a hindrance, but any fire fight at very close range should be over before you have to reload. As with the Defiler, it is best to keep your tube magazine topped up after every kill, to ensure that you have the most number of shells available for your next victim. As with the other shotguns, using it in areas of the map that are geared for close quarters combat is a very logical idea, but it can be used effectively as a primary on small maps, like Recon, or Warehouse.

  • High damage
  • Decent rate of fire
  • Good mobility and handling
  • Higher effective range than the Roar 3000
  • Tiny tube magazine
  • Short effective range



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  • The N4010 has unusable shells attached to the side of the receiver.
  • This gun fires twice as fast as the Defiler and two times slower than the Roar 3000.
  • This weapon is the successor of the Benelli M4.
  • This weapon is the predecessor of the CTK-1410 in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour.
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