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The NAZ is a modular weapon in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It is the T9 Prestige weapon of the X1-Morph class.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

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The predictive algorithms of the SMART technology allow the Morph class to use a secondary fire mode that shoots mines at the enemy.
—Official weapon description
TypeModular Weapon
DamageAbove Average
Rate of fireHigh
Fire modeAutomatic
TierT9 Prestige SMART weapon

The NAZ is a modular weapon with automatic fire with a statistical profile similar to that of the M.K.L-665, though significantly superior in most regards. The weapon features high rate of fire, solid damage, and maximum armor penetration, albeit fairly high recoil when hip-firing. It possess a modest clip size of 35 rounds per magazine and must be reloaded in between clips. The NAZ also features a unique built-in scope with a significant accuracy increase while aiming, allowing for solid effectiveness at mid-long range combat on par with high-end assault rifles. Strangely, however, the scope will sway while moving and aiming in the manner a pistol (a trait shared with the B.A.S.U.), which can prove difficult for accurate shooting while ADS.

In addition, the NAZ's unique secondary fire mode allows the weapon to fire proximity mines akin to to the LGR 35 (though unlike the LGR 35's mines, they do not detonate on contact with enemies' bodies after being fired). After being deployed, the mines will trigger when an enemy crosses the mine's laser, Upon the player's death, deployed mines which haven't detonated will disappear from the map. The NAZ has a secondary ammo count of 3 mines.

The NAZ has 3 enhancement slots, with a preferred enhancement type of SBR.

  • Solid damage
  • Maximum armor penetration
  • High rate of fire
  • Low recoil when ADS
  • Comparable to the Grinder
  • SMART proximity mines
  • High recoil when hip-firing
  • Unusual scope can be disorienting when ADS
  • Proximity mines disappear when player is killed


  • In the PC version of Blackout, the button used to fire the NAZ's mines is the "Secondary Fire / Switch Cam Modes" key, which is mapped to the SPACE key in the Controls by default.
  • There is a glitch in the PC version where the player is unable to fire the mines if they have remapped the default (SPACE) key to another action prior to using the NAZ for the first time. Resetting and remapping the Controls solves this issue, allowing the player to choose whichever button they wish for firing the mines.

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