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The NX8 Handgun is a that appears in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus and Modern Combat: Domination. The NX8 Handgun, along with the Beretta M9, was replaced by the MK45 in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. It has no predecessor due to the absence of pistols in Modern Combat: Sandstorm.

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusEdit

NX8 Handgun
MC2-NX8 Handgun
Likely based onBeretta M9
Rate of fireLow
AccuracyVery High
Magazine size15
Starting ammo60
Reloading1.5 seconds
Fire modeSemi-automatic


The NX8 Handgun is not a different pistol than the Beretta M9. Rather, it is a simple recolor for when players spawn on the Resistance team. The NX8 features a brown camouflage scheme and a set of red-colored iron sights. The same recolor will apply when players attempt to use the silenced variant.

In single player, the NX8 is the first weapon used in the game. It is carried by enemy soldiers in "Great Escape" and can be found in the hands of enemies during "Embassy Assault." It has the exact same stats as the Beretta M9, and the difference between the two is purely aesthetic.


The NX8 replaces the Beretta M9 when the player plays under the Resistance faction. Other than the aesthetic differences, it performs statistically the same as the Beretta M9.


NX8 Handgun SilencedEdit

NX8 Handgun Silenced
MC2-NX8 Handgun Silenced

Unlocked at level 28, the NX8 Handgun gains a suppressor on the end of the weapon. There is a small loss in damage, now taking 4-5 body shots to kill, though it benefits from a fantastic increase in accuracy, rivaling even the Dradonitch.

This is the more common variant of the NX8 Handgun, as by this time, many players will have learned to utilize the Beretta's accuracy to its full potential. Because there is no radar available in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, the addition of the suppressor is less by this, as it offers no protection from injury tracking (screen turns red, with bloody arrows pointing towards attack direction), as that would make up for its basic purpose; stealth.


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Modern Combat: DominationEdit

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N8 Handgun
File:MCD-N8 Handgun.png

The N8 Handgun appears in Modern Combat: Domination.


  • The NX8 Handgun is the first weapon awarded to the player in the level "The Great Escape", making it the first pistol to appear in the Modern Combat series.
  • This weapon is simply a camouflage variant of the Beretta M9 for the Resistance faction.
  • The NX8 Suppressor's attached suppressor has a unique brown camouflage on it.
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