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Overtime is a multiplayer map introduced in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout. In Modern Combat 5, it was removed from the game at one point but was re-added in Update XIX.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Edit

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It's late at night and chaos strikes in downtown Seattle. Storm the War Crime Investigation office's lobby and take out your enemies swiftly. Overtime features vast but clashy rooms perfectly suited for mid to long range firefights. You're in for an intense warfare experience!
—Website description
LocationWCIB WCIB, United States Seattle, Washington, USA
ArchetypeBig clashes
MissionUnified Terror

Overtime takes place in the War Crimes Investigation Bureau's HQ in Seattle. It is a medium-sized map with relatively short distances from area to area, and has several alternate paths to reach different sections. The map is primarily indoors, so airstrikes tend to be ineffective, however the Bomber can still target enemies since the map has low roofs which the bombs can penetrate. This map is popular in Capture the Flag mode, as the size allows for rapid combat and action.

Despite the map being a medium-sized map, there are more close-range firefights than long-range firefights, so shotguns and SMGs can be of use.

Areas Edit

Overtime Areas

(1) Cubicles Area: The large office floor is the second-fastest way to travel from one start location to the other. It's not as open as the man hall, but it's easier for enemies to lurk there.

(2) Administrative Area: This path features a powerful vantage point over the Cubicles area.

(3) Catwalk: Players can look down on the Main Hall from this location, making it a useful sniping spot.

(4) Main hall: This large room offers just enough cover to keep players alive for a short time.

Flags Edit

Overtime Flags

Zones Edit

Overtime Zones

Trivia Edit

  • The MC4 version of the map features a bust of president James S. Simon with a plaque reading:
    This institution is dedicated in the memory of president James S. Simon. Under his leadership this nation became the first country to embrace renuable energy and liberate the people from a dependance to dirty fossil fuels.
    America shall always remember.

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Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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LocationGilman Security HQ in Tokyo, Japan

Overtime was added to Modern Combat 5: Blackout in the Holiday Update. Like Scramble, the map retained exactly the same structure as its MC4 variant, but with graphical changes and the setting changed to Gilman Security Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. This map was temporarily removed in patch 1.8 and replaced by Conversion. However, it was later re-added in update XIX.

Trivia Edit

  • Before its removal, the Overtime map took place during nighttime, but after it was re-added in Update XIX the map is set during daytime.

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