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The PT7 Silencer is a muzzle attachment in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

PT7 Silencer
MC5-PT7 Silencer
IncreasesStealth, accuracy
DecreasesDamage, range

The PT7 Silencer is the final silencer unlocked for assault rifles, sniper rifles, light-machine guns, and sub-machine guns (and equivalent weapons for the extra classes). Statistically it offers a solid boost in accuracy, with the least drop in weapon damage and range. Like other silencers, it reduces muzzle flash and suppresses weapon noise when firing.

As with all suppressors, it also prevents the player from appearing on the enemy radar when firing, which can provide a significant stealth advantage.

  • High increase in accuracy
  • Eliminates muzzle flash and suppresses sound when firing
  • Lower damage and range

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