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Paradise is a Multiplayer map in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. The medium size map takes place at the C3 Conference, in Hawaii, inside of a resort.

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LocationIakoo Beach Resort, Hawaii, USA
ArchetypeOpen map
MissionRed Summit
Iakoo Beach Resort is the host of the Central Currency Consortium meeting and was recently the theater of a large-scale military deployment. Jump in and eliminate all resistance. Paradise is a fairly large map with open areas, but also sneaky paths and nice hiding spots.
—Website description

Paradise is appropriately named due to taking place at a resort in Hawaii. The maps central engagements take place in or near the restaurant, and along the cliffside trails. The player may notice there are no rails to prevent the player from falling, though there are invisible wall, like in Dog Days, that prevent the player from falling to their death. The map's hotel lobby serves as the center, with entrances and exits leading to all central chokepoints.


Paradise Areas (1) Restaurant Storage Room: This room is an ideal camping spot for snipers looking to secure the Restaurant Area, but it's not easy to access.

(2) Restaurant Area: This fairly open area is the crossroads of many paths. Because of this fact, it cannot be easily controlled. It's best to try to hold one of its entry points, especially one of the indoor ones.

(3) Restaurant Balcony: This balcony provides a good surveillance point over the restaurant area and connects very efficiently to the hotel lobby via the catwalk, making it the ideal zone to hold in order to control the center of the map.

(4) Hotel Lobby: The lobby is Paradise's largest indoor area. Its size provides an ideal room for mid-range firefights, but both teams can make use of carefully positioned vantage points. Team A has faster access to the catwalk, while team B can more easily take advantage of the balcony and large bay windows.

(5) Cliffside Trails: These trails are sneaky paths that can allow players to storm the lobby by surprise. The main drawback of taking this route is the lack of line of sight with other players; encountering an enemy in these parts can come as a surprise.


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