Power User is a premium feature in [[Modern Combat 5



Power User is a special membership which a player can purchase using Credits. Being a Power User gives the player special perks for a limited time, including:

  • Unlimited Energy
  • 2% extra chance of receiving Double Rewards from multiplayer matches
  • 25% XP and Weapon Score bonus
  • 2X Credits from Daily Rewards
  • Unique weapon camo and killsign

Power User can be purchased in 3 different bundles, each of which also grant the perk of awaring a limited duriation of Power User status to every member of the player's Squad as well:

  • 1 Day membership - with 1 hour for all Squad members
  • 3 Day membership - with 2 hours for all Squad members
  • 1 Week membership - with 4 hours for all Squad members


  • Since the removal of the Energy requirement from multiplayer matches in an update, Power User was rendered a much less useful purchase (other than for completing Campaign missions, which still have an energy requirement per mission attempt).

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