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The RSR 45 is a light machine gun featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It was added in the Spring Update.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

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RSR 45
RSR 45
TypeLight Machine Gun
Likely based onPKP Pecheneg
MobilityVery Low (Moderate with Endurance Skill fully upgraded)
Magazine size100 - 105 - 110
Starting ammo3 magazines

The RSR 45 is the Tier 2 weapon of the Support class. It uses a smaller 100 round magazine than the SODAW-74 and has a slightly slower reload, but slightly higher accuracy, rate of fire, and armor penetration - it is also unique in that it features no damage drop-off at ranges. Its high recoil can make it difficult to aim well when hip-firing, however the upward "kick" of the recoil can assist the player in scoring headshots.

Despite these flaws, the RSR 45 still remains a potent weapon for guarding guarding high-traffic areas or points such as in Zone Control.

  • Decent rate of fire
  • No damage drop-off at ranges
  • Low damage
  • High recoil
  • Very slow reload
  • Bad hip-fire accuracy
  • Smaller magazine than the SODAW-74


  • The armory image and first-person view of the RSR 45 show the weapon with its bipod deployed, however the player cannot "mount" the weapon like they can the DMG.

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