The Radar is a mechanic used in the Modern Combat games.

Modern Combat 5 BlackoutEdit


The radar


A full view of the mini-map

In mutiplayer matches in Modern Combat 5: Blackout, the player's Radar is displayed in the top-left corner of the screen. Enemies on the Radar will be marked with red blips, while allies will be marked with green blips (upon dying, the icon will change to a red or green "X" before disappearing); the player's icon will be marked with a white blip. Pressing the "toggle mini map" icon/ key will expand the radar into a full view of the mini-map.

The 5 crosshair-shaped icons below the Radar will each light up when the player is in the vicinity of an ally with a Synergy Skill (e.x. Synergy Support) indicating the player is close enough to the ally benefit from their skill.

Allies are always visible to the player on the Radar or mini-map, while enemies become visible on the Radar for a short time after firing their weapon (and with the Recon class's Improved Radar Skill, grenade-throwing enemies will appear as well).

Weapons equipped with a silencer, however, will not cause the enemy shooter to appear on the player's radar. There are several Armor Cores which block radar visibility; enemies equipped the Recon's Infiltrator Core will show as an ally (green) instead of an enemy (red) on the player's radar and mini-map, while those equipped with the Ethereal Core will be invisible to being scouted by Recon Aircraft (as well as Scout Drones).

Turrets, drones, and Military Support aircraft deployed by the player or allies will also display on the radar and mini-map to the player (while enemy turrets and aircraft will only display when firing or being scouted). It should also be noted that when an allied Support class player deploys their health crate via their Heal Skill, the crate and players healed by it will be displayed with a green cross icon.

Enemy players and hardware can be scouted via the Recon Aircraft Military Support option (or the Recon class' Seer Armor Core) - both of which temporarily reveal the positions of all enemies on the mini-map. (Only enemies equipped with the Ethereal Armor Core are immune from being scouted).

The Radar is not available in Duel mode or in the Campaign.

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