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The Recoil Booster is a muzzle attachment in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Recoil Booster
File:MC4-Recoil Booster.png
IncreasesRange (?)
Damage (+5~)

The recoil booster is one of the most popular attachments for the assault rifle category. It increases the range of an assault rifle by about 40-50%, and usually increases the base damage of an assault rifle by 5 units, although there are some exceptions. The Recoil Booster is available for the 4 of the assault rifles listed below. 

Weapon Normal dmg Recoil booster dmg
AAI SOCAR-S A1 45-19 50-20
Charbtek VECT9 40-20 45-25
UFIA PSD-2 35-15 40-19
AAI Compakt-665 40-15 45-19

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Modern Combat 5: BlackoutEdit

Recoil Booster
MC5-Recoil Booster

The Recoil Booster adds an increases in damage and range of the weapon, but at a modest expense of accuracy. It also results in a significant increase in weapon flash when firing.

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