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The Red-34 is an assault rifle in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Compakt‑665   Charbtek‑28   UFIA PSD‑2   KR‑200   Red‑34   KOG V   PR39   Enforcer   Grinder    
TypeAssault Rifle
Likely based onACR
UsersCayden Phoenix
Rate of fireBelow-Average
MobilityMedium - high
Magazine size35 - 38 - 40
Starting ammo9 magazines
Reloading1 - 2 seconds~
Fire modeAutomatic

The Red-34 is the Tier 5 assault rifle in Modern Combat 5: Blackout. It is a versatile weapon sporting high damage (rivaled by the Charbtek-28) and solid accuracy, but below-average rate of fire. The Red-34 is often considered a "jack-of-all trades" assault rifle, having few severe detriments and being highly reliable in any condition, making it a popular choice of many players. However many players in higher-leagues prefer the KOG V or PR39, as the lower rate of fire and armor penetration of the Red-34 often leads to a less impressive time-to-kill, particularly in close quarters.

Campaign Edit

The weapon is seen used by Caydan Phoenix in mission cinematics in the San Marco chapter of the campaign.

Trivia Edit

  • The Red-34 originally had higher-overall stats, but was downgraded in a series of nerfs by Gameloft due to concerns of it being overpowered.
  • The Red-34 was the first weapon to be seen in MC5, known as ACR in the E3 2013 videos.
  • This weapon is the successor to the ACM in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.
  • Solid damage
  • Solid accuracy
  • Good range
  • Low recoil
  • Fast reload
  • Below-average rate of fire

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