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The Roar 3000 is a fully-automatic shotgun that is featured in Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation.

Modern Combat 3: Fallen NationEdit

Defiler   N4010   Roar 3000    
Roar 3000
MC3-Roar 3000
Likely based onAA-12
UsersKPR Alliance
Damage6 of 10
Rate of fire6 of 10
Range2 of 10
Accuracy3 of 10
Mobility4 of 10
Magazine size8 (Standard mag)
12 (Extended)
Starting ammo8/60
Max. ammo8/60

8/120 (Ammo Belt)

8/180 (Ammo Belt Elite)
Ammo received via pickup12 rounds
Reloading2.4 seconds
Fire modeAutomatic
UnlockedRank 58
CostMC3 Credit20,000

The Roar 3000 is a fully-automatic shotgun capable of dishing out an immense damage output up close, and has a faster reload than other shotguns. However, it suffers from an extremely low range making it only effective in close-quarters.


The Roar 3000 is fairly uncommon in the campaign, and can be seen in the mission Surgical Strikes with no attachments and Dragon King of the Sea with a Red Dot Sight. The Roar 3000 is very deadly in the campaign, as its decent magazine size and high damage means that it can dispatch larger groups of enemies very quickly.


Unlocked at Rank 58, the Roar 3000 is the last shotgun unlocked in Modern Combat 3, and has an 8 round magazine, tall, open iron sights, a high rate of fire, and good damage. As with all shotguns, optics aren't necessary, and with only one necessary attachment, the Extended magazine attachment is probably the best option, as the Roar burns through a magazine at a stunning rate due to its fully-automatic capabilities. It also does well with FMJ, as the gun does not necessarily use all rounds for a kill, and with the right equipment and skills, this can make you unstoppable. Extended mags can be useful if the player wants to take a more deliberate approach and take on multiple enemies at once, and FMJ rounds can be used to guarantee one-shot kills within relatively close range.

The combination of high damage and highest-in-class rate of fire makes the Roar 3000 an extremely effective weapon at close quarters. Some players frown upon its use in multiplayer lobbies because kills can require less skill than other weapons such as the Defiler. However, the Roar 3000 is an extremely powerful weapon nonetheless.

  • High damage output
  • Very high rate of fire for shotguns
  • Good mobility and handling
  • Fastest reload of shotguns
  • Lower per shot damage than the Defiler and N4010
  • Short effective range

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  • The Roar 3000 is the first automatic shotgun in the Modern Combat series.
  • The Roar 3000 also has the number 631 below the circle of the iron sight.
  • There is also a shell holder on the stock of the shotgun, with three shells that can't be used.
  • This gun fires four times faster than the Defiler and two times faster than the N4010.
  • The shell in the magazine is in 2D.
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