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The Romket-178 is a shotgun featured in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout Edit

Romket‑178   BMF‑12   SMASS‑410   DS‑1310   Sering 9   VOID 6   DBS 4   LSN‑25B   Buckshot    
Likely based onFABARM FP6
DamageVery high (6 shot pellets)
Rate of fireVery Low
AccuracyVery Low
Magazine size8 - 9 - 10
Fire modePump-action

The Romket-178 is the Tier 1 shotgun of the Heavy class. It is a pump-action shotgun which excels in close quarters combat. Aiming for the head when using the weapon can help ensure that the player achieve a one-shot kill within effective range. The weapon is reloaded shell-by shell, which amounts to a very long reload time if the player has expended every shell in the magazine; one might instead top up the chamber after every kill, to ensure maximum lethality within closer distances. Firing the weapon in the middle of a reload also halts the reload.

Compared to other pump-action shotguns, the Romket has very low accuracy and cannot equip a foregrip for accuracy improvement, giving it a very low effective range. (Because of the weapon's low range, a long-range launcher such as the a HEV Mk 51 can be a strong pairing with the Romket). Like all other Tier 1 weapons, the Romket lacks armor penetration, making it a less practical choice once a player reaches higher-league gameplay where high-tier armors are common.

  • High damage
  • Decent rate of fire for a pump-action shotgun
  • Very low accuracy and cannot equip a grip
  • No armor penetration
  • Very low range
  • Slow reload

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