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Rooftops is a map in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout[edit | edit source]

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The map takes place at night on the roof of the Gilman Securities building, a skyscraper in central Tokyo. It a small square-shaped map with a large platform area in the center which can be accessed via staircases, as well as a roomy indoor area beneath with hallways running the length of the map. Openings on the top platform also allow players to fall down into the indoor area, and also serve as locations for sniping players inside.

A unique feature of the map is the fogs which is pervasive in the outdoor sections, particularly on the top platform - which is a hindrance to vision, aiming and reaction time (fog is absent in the indoor areas, however). This can give players using the Recon class an advantage via its Reveal skill, as well as those using self-aiming weapons such as the SLS-3 which auto-target nearby enemies. The Thermal LCD for sniper rifles also allows the player to see enemies through the fog much easier.

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  • Rooftops is the first map to feature fog or weather conditions affecting gameplay in the Modern Combat series.
  • Snowflakes were added to the map's weather effects in the Holiday Update.
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